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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) BenefitsFor happy life, All you need is a perfect partner

Rudra centre offers 13 different combinations for improving love life and resolving issues of marriage. These combinations are designed after extensive research, using RRST & knowledge depicted in Vedas and Puranas. Each combination has a specific purpose and enhances the physical, mental and spiritual well being.

LagnaYog combination is a combination for those who want to attract true love in their life. It nullifies effects of Mars and neutralizes mangal dosha which is considered as major obstacle in marriage. It brings harmony in relationship. It unblocks and balances Manipura chakra. It cures stomach ailments, digestion problems and kidney, intestine disorders.

Moon bracelet is used to nullify effects of Moon. It gives emotional stability, security and peace of mind.

Mangalmaya combination is used to pacify negative effects of planets and bring good luck and auspiciousness. To know more about Rudraskha and other combinations.