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Significance of Maa Durga

The incarnation of Devi, Goddess Durga is the symbol of strength and resilience. It has been known since years dating back to the unknown times that pleasing the Goddess through worship helps people attain their solemn goals and also provide the strength to conquer over any enemy in any form. Durga is the amalgamation of all the forces in the world and hence the name in Sanskrit literally means Invincible. That very powerful essence can be worn close to the heart in form of a pendant available at Rudra Centre, a place known for genuine spiritual accessories since years.

The Rudraksha Ratna collection consists of a section pertaining to Goddess Durga and different pendants available in her glorious image. Plus the wide variety of pendant ranging from the image etched on the parad or transformed into solid gold gives choice of selection to believers. The Paradeshwar Durga pendant is made from genuine Siddh Parad, which is pure in form and is encased in a silver locket. It is light weight being only 18 gms and is compact in size to be worn around the neck on a red or black thread.

There are also choices of receiving the blessings through a Durga silver locket and Durga gold locket. The Durga silver pendants are made from the finest quality pure silver and are quite light weight plus compact in size. Also the Durga gold pendant is completely sculpted from pure gold and comes with the blessing of the Goddess to win over enemies and reach the desired goals in life. The biggest advantage of the Durga pendants that come in gold and silver is the kind of variety one gets to select from not just in terms of the material but also the design. Yes the image of Goddess Durga is available in different designs to suit an individual's belief and provide the eternal sanctum through the Durga lockets.