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Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, both spiritual and material. She seeks nothing more than true conscience and pure devotion from Her devotees. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi as She's also known, surely walks into the life of the faithful with Her holy feet and showers on them material comforts and prosperity. One sure way to be bestowed with Her blessings is to keep Her in your heart and mind always. To take you close to Mata Lakshmi, Rudraksha Centre presents to you a range of Mahalakshmi pendants in pure gold and silver to be worn around your neck. The Goddess is depicted in different forms and stances in the pendants in each one of them.

Browse through the pure silver series of Maa Lakshmi pendants that are designed to perfection of divine proportions. You can select any one of them if silver is what you prefer. Her holy feet are portrayed in the Lakshmi Charan Locket, which bears the image of Her feet that are synonymous with the advent of abundant wealth. Quite a few of the Mahalakshmi pendants are designed as heavy silver lockets.

If you desire to wear a Goddess Mahalakshmi locket in gold, the one with Her golden form with an aura-like circle of silver enveloping Her is sure to captivate your mind. The Lakshmi Ganesh pendant in pure silver doubles the blessings for the wearer who's sure to attain knowledge, intellect and wealth. A pure gold pendant with Goddess Lakshmi in standing posture is one more beautiful and auspicious option you can consider. You can even select a beautifully handcrafted heavy silver locket with antique design in which the image of Maa Lakshmi is embellished with fine work of artistry. All the pendants are available with red or black thread attached. Wear them if you want you and your family to be perennially endowed with fortune and prosperity.