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What is Mehandi? Meaning of Mehandi

Mehandi is also known as Henna is an art form where a thick henna paste is used to make a design on hands and feet. The henna paste is packed into a cone and these Mehandi cones are used for drawing decorative patterns on the body. It is an ancient art form and its usage is seen in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are various designs made by skilled Mehandi artists but it is more like a freehand drawing. Anyone who has good drawing skills can try their hand at Mehandi. Buying excellent quality Mehandi cones for practice and other purposes are recommended.

Mehandi Importance

It is an age-old auspicious tradition to apply Mehandi before the wedding day. Graceful and charming designs are made on the hands and feet of the bride to soothe her and release the tension before the marriage rituals. It has a few therapeutic properties as listed below but it is normally used to beautify hands. It looks elegant and attractive so many ladies prefer getting the Mehandi designs on other occasions like Karva Chauth, Eid, Diwali, etc. Mehandi is a prominent part of wedding ceremonies and people also conduct elaborate and grand Mehndi ceremonies in modern times. It is considered to be auspicious and bring positivity. It is a belief that the deeper the colour of the Mehendi, the deeper is the love of your life partner. Its origin is rooted in Deccan and other countries of the world like Egypt. It is believed that the mummies in Egypt used Henna to preserve those bodies.

Mehandi Benefits

  • It has a soothing effect that relieves the nerves
  • It is helpful for healing eczema as it gives a cooling sensation
  • It has medicinal properties that relieve stress
  • It gives a calming effect and sense of relaxation
  • It gives relief from headache and reduces the swelling/ inflammation caused due to Arthritis
  • It protects from infections and viral fever
  • It works as a coolant and effective for soothing burns and cuts
  • It is said to improve blood circulation

Mehandi Uses

Mehandi is widely used in many products for skin, hair, etc. Below are the different uses of Mehandi and how it helps:

  • Mehandi is used in hair dyes
  • It is used for drawing beautiful designs on hands and feet on special occasions and weddings
  • The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with Mehandi since it gives calmness and relieves tension before the special day of marriage
  • Henna paste is applied to hair for colouring and restoring its shine
  • Since ancient times, Henna has been used with other ingredients to make a hair mask
  • It removes dryness and itchiness in the scalp
  • It is beneficial for those who have excessive hair fall
  • It naturally colours the hair without causing any damage which is why a lot of people prefer Mehndi over hair dye

Mehandi Types

Types of Mehandi Cones

The different types of Mehndi cones are Herbal mehndi, Organic mehndi, Mehndi tubes, Ayurvedic mehndi, etc. All of these cones can be used to make a fine Mehandi design on hands and feet. They are easily available online and offline too at nominal prices.

Types of Mehandi Designs

Usually, many artists draw a freehand design or mismatch various designs to create attractive patterns. The commonly used Mehandi styles are Arabic, Traditional Indian for the brides, Indo-Western, Pakistani, Moroccan and more. People from different parts of the world have their own way of drawing the Mehndi patterns.

Where to buy Mehandi Cones?

While buying Mehendi cones, the main factor to be considered is its intensity of colour. Another important thing to check is if the Mehendi is natural and does not have any side effects. It is advised to buy Mehandi cones online from a trustworthy and premium quality products seller like Rudra Centre. Such reputable organizations can be identified from the user reviews, ratings and by connecting with their representatives.

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Mehandi Cone Price

The prices of Mehandi cones are not on the higher side and available at low prices at Rudra Centre. Although the prices are minimal, the quality of Mehandi cones is amazing and useful for weddings, special ceremonies, religious events, etc.