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About Nandi (Bull) Idols

Nandi, the bull is the trusted vahana (Mount) and adherent devotee of Lord Shiva. A Nandi idolis often seen outside the sanctum sanctorum of Shiva temple, seated on a raised platform facing the Shivling. A devotee first needs to seek the blessings of Nandi before worshipping Lord Shiva. While entering the temple premise, devotees ideally stand/ sit to the right side of Nandi statue and place thumb and forefinger of right hand on the horn on the Nandi and view the Shivling from the triangle frame created by fingers. And then enter the sanctorum to perform Shivling puja. At home, a stone or brass Nandi idolis also placed along with Shilvling. It is placed such that it faces the Shivling.

Legend and Significance of Nandi outside temple

The story of Nandi is stated in Puranas. He was a son of sage Shilada, who was blessed by Lord Shiva to have Nandi as his son, when the sage had undergone severe penance to beget a son. Nandi grew up to be a devotee of Lord Shiva. Once two sages who visited sage Shilada home, sadly shared that Nandi had very short life. Upon knowing this Nandi set out to perform penance to propitiate Lord Shiva to reverse his fate. Finally, Lord Shiva came to Nandi and asked him to ask for a boon. Nandi requested Lord Shiva to take him along and keep him in His company forever. Since then, Nandi became the Vahana of Lord Shiva.

A stone/brass Nandi bullstatue seenoutside the Shiva temple shrine also holds a deep spiritual significance. Nandi is seen seated with the tail tucked in and feet and face in repose which symbolises His submission, complete faith, and steadiness in His belief on Lord Shiva. His stillness and His face gazing continuously on the Shivaling symbolise the eternal waiting with patience. However, the right foreleg is bend indicating meditative state with complete alertness thus setting an example of how a devotee must be when he/she worships Lord Shiva. This is reflected by another legend associated with Samudra Manthan. During the Samudra Manthan (great churning of sea) when Lord Shiva drank the lethal poison – Halal which emerged from the sea, few drops spilled out of His mouth. Nandi immediately licked the spilled poison but was miraculously unaffected. When all Deities got worried about Nandi. Lord Shiva stated that since Nandi had completely surrendered onto Lord Shiva, he had carried all the powers of Lord Shiva,thus was unaffected by the poison.

Benefits of worshipping Lord Nandi Idols at Home

As per Shiva Purana, Nandi is the mediator between Lord Shiva and devotees. In some temples people whisper their prayers or wishes in the ears of Nandi, with a belief that Nandi would pass the message and prayers whispered in His ears. Also, puja of Lord Shiva is incomplete without the worship of Nandi. So worshipping Nandi along with Shivling (representation of Lord Shiva)gets the true prayers of devotees answered and their wishes fulfilled.

Nandi being placed in front of Shivling facing it also has another reason to it. Shivling emanates radiance which ideally is very powerful for an ordinary individual to bear. The intensity of the powerful energy can result in heat being generated in the body of individual which can have adverse effect on body health. A kalash is often placed above the Shivling with water drops falling on it in temple to calm the powerful energies emanating from Shivling. But still the energies are very powerful for an individual to bear. A Nandi seated/ placed in front of Shivling helps transform these powerful energies emanating from Shivling into mild energy which can be easily imbibed by an individual when they worship Nandi before Shivling. This is one of the reasons one is advised not stand in between Shivling and Nandi rather stand on the side while taking darshan in the temple.

Presence of Nandi at home bestows not only spiritual benefits but also Vastu benefits. Hence if you are installing a Shivling at home, then also keep a Nandi brass statue or gemstone statue along with the Lingam. It helps promote love, prosperity and peace. Nandi being emblem of patience, loyalty and faithfulness, placing a Nandi statue in office or place of business is also beneficial. It helps protect the premises from any mishaps and strengthens relationship with customers, partners and clients and promote loyalty among the employees. It helps attract more clients and customers by helping increase trust from customers.

Statues and Idols of Lord Nandi for Sale

We have finest collection of brass Nandi idol which are duly cast and designed by skilled artisans. Brass carries the ability to absorb the divine principles thus it is widely used for making puja vessels and Deity idols or divine figurines. Our Nandi idol collection include brass Nandi brass statue with coloured stonework, Nandi in panchadhatu and standing Nandi idol. We also have Nandi idols made in natural gemstones which resonate high frequency vibes of the gemstone and energise the surrounding environment.

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