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About Om Pendants

Importance of Sacred Symbol 'OM'

Om is regarded as the elemental essence of Hinduism that symbolizes unification with God. It is the representative of Brahman that also indicates the Nirguna as well as Saguna facets. It permeates the entire life, being the most divine syllable. When Om is embedded in a pendent, the accessory assumes the most sacred proportions. The one, who wears it, keeps it close to her/ his heart and thus is enriched with all its mighty powers.

Adhering to this credence, Rudra Centre offers a range of Om lockets in pure gold and silver for believers. These lockets are available in diverse designs, forms and expressions. You can make your selection from Om pendants in crystal (Quartz) chiseled with utmost devotion and care. The wearer experiences eradication of negativity and assumes oneness with the Supreme. You can also enrich your life with the goodness of Siddh Parad, the precious and auspicious metal known to have various benefits when you wear a locket made from it.

An enormous number of Om pendants, carved out of pure silver, are available that possess the goodness and power of merging the physical being with the spiritual. The sheer multiplicity of the designs and motifs will surely leave you spellbound. You can select the one that appeals the most to your mind, eye and belief. All of them are made from pure silver and exude matchless shining brilliance. You will find pendants bearing images of Lord Shiva, the Sun, the peepal leaf and more.

In addition to that, you can also select Om lockets crafted from pure gold. Two differently designed Om pendants with Trishul take you close to Lord Shiva. They are made of pure gold, just like the pendant with His Damru adorning it. The Om pendant made from pure silver with Lord Ganesha’s beautiful countenance is also sure to mesmerise you. All Om lockets are available with a red or black thread.