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About Onyx Bracelets

Onyx bracelet meaning

Onyx is a beautiful natural gemstone that is available in various colours, we at Rudra Centre offer an exclusive range of Green Onyx and Black Onyx. The Green Onyx stone is widely known as ‘Sulemani’ in Hindi and is mostly used as a substitute for the precious gemstone ‘Emerald’.

The Black Onyx bracelet meaning as per ancient Scriptures is a talisman that wards off evil energies and safeguards from negativity. The Onyx gemstones hold immense healing properties which prove to be of great help in shaping an individual’s overall wellbeing. When the beads of this powerful stone are strung into a jewellery piece suitably worn on the wrist, it is called an Onyx bracelet.

Why we wear an Onyx bracelet

The Onyx is a divine stone that is found in many colours and every different coloured Onyx offers different healing powers. The Green Onyx offers strength, vigour, removes tensions and worries. There are many other benefits this divine stone offers. The Black Onyx is known to ward off negativity and helps to strengthen the bond of love. The healing powers of the Onyx lie in the colour each Onyx gemstone possesses. When the Sun rays pass through the Onyx bead bracelet it emits cosmic colour which is absorbed by the skin of the wearer and thus offers to heal.

Benefits of Onyx Bracelet

  • The green Onyx bracelet dispels fear and encourages one to believe in self
  • Helps to improve functions of the nervous system
  • The black Onyx bracelet benefits the wearer by safeguarding from negativity and evil eye
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes wise decision making
  • Helps strengthen the bond of love between couples
  • Boost’s confidence
  • Helps to stay mentally calm and offer support during stress

What are the Onyx bracelet side effects (If worn without consultation)?

The Onyx stone bracelet that we offer can be worn by everyone irrespective of the horoscope. We have designed them in such a way that it offers benefits. The Onyx bracelet designs that we offer comprises of:

  • Onyx bracelets are made by stringing together the same coloured Onyx gemstones
  • Onyx bracelets are made by stringing together Green and Black Onyx along with Sphatik
  • Onyx bracelets are made by stringing together Green Onyx with Rudraksha
  • Onyx bracelets are made by stringing together Green Onyx with Tulsi beads

We offer unisex Onyx bracelets and there is nothing like men’s Onyx bracelet or women's Onyx bracelets. All the real Onyx bracelets that we offer can be worn by anyone and the wearer does not experience any side effects.

What is the price range of an Onyx bracelet?

The price range of the Onyx bracelets differs depending upon the metal used to string the Onyx beads, the weight of the metal, number of Onyx beads used, pattern and design of the bracelet and like.

Where to buy an Onyx bracelet?

You can buy the Onyx bracelet online from us at the best price. Rudra Centre is the trusted name globally and the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We deal in a wide variety of spiritual and religious products and services. We are the pioneer and market leader who deal in supplying authentic, natural and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across the globe. We have more than 20,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps us to maintain our position as a market leader.

Why wear an energized Onyx bracelet?

Energization is a process that helps in awakening and activating the energies of the Onyx gemstone. The Onyx gems when activated and worn by an individual offer the respective benefits through the energies emitted by the Onyx beads which are strung in the bracelet. Energised Onyx stone bracelets not only make a style statement but offer healing and benefits that change the life of the wearer for the better.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or charged Onyx Bracelets?

Yes, we at Rudra Centre offer energized Onyx gemstone bracelets. All the products that we offer are energized and blessed so that our clients can enjoy all the benefits these products offer and live a blissful life.

Onyx bracelet making option (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We at Rudra Centre offer Onyx bracelets in German silver and stretchable elastic bands but we can surely customise the same by stringing the genuine Onyx bracelet in Gold or other metal as per our client’s requirement.

How to clean the Onyx Bracelet?

Wearing the Onyx bracelet daily can result in the accumulation of dirt in between the loops of its chain and also lessen its sheen. Hence it is important to cleanse it carefully. Soak the real Onyx bracelet in a bowl of water and mild detergent mix or use a simple chemical free cleaning powder, take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub each portion of the bracelet, now rinse off the soap completely and pat the bracelet dry with a clean cloth. The genuine Onyx bracelet must not develop scratches so if you are not sure about cleaning the Onyx bracelet at home, you can give it to us and we shall clean it for you.

How can I authenticate original and fake Onyx Bracelets?

We at Rudra Centre supply genuine, original and Natural Onyx gemstones which are strung in a bracelet. The Onyx gemstone bracelet we offer comes with a certificate, but if you need a certificate of authenticity on any of the products you purchased from us, we can offer that to you but for the same, you will have to pay an extra sum. You can test the Onyx bracelet in the lab to have a clear understanding of whether the Onyx stone bracelet is fake or real.