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About Pink Tourmaline Stone

About Natural Pink Tourmaline Gemstone

The eye-pleasing Natural Pink Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone and one of the many colours of Tourmaline gemstones available, ranging from pale pink to intense pink colours. Abundantly found, it offers a field of prosperity when worn. It is considered as a source of male-female energy, influencing the central channel of the body. It is associated with the feelings of love, abundance and happiness. This gemstone is said to possess remarkable healing properties. It is capable of getting electrically charged upon being heated or rubbed, a unique property of the gemstone.

It is a derivative of Boron Silicate with a mixture of Iron, Magnesium and other minerals, which determine its colour. The beautiful colour of the Natural Pink Tourmaline has made it desired gemstone for jewellery and set in Silver or Gold looks stunning. It is found in many places across the world but the quality of the gemstone from California, Brazil, Namibia is considered the best.


The Pink Tourmaline price per carat is primarily dependant on its colour, other than size, clarity and cut. The deeper the pink colour, the higher is its value as the paler colours don't hold much appeal. The clarity is important, but it is rare to find an eye-clean Natural Pink Tourmaline Gemstone with reasonable transparency. The stone comes with inclusions, but if it does not affect the colour and polish, then it does not affect the Pink Tourmaline price per carat. If the stone is in a fancy cut, like the Emerald or Cushion cuts make Pink Tourmaline value higher.

It is found in many places across the world but the quality of the gemstone from California, Brazil, Namibia are considered superior quality and are costlier.

The Pink Tourmaline is often heat-treated to enhance its colour. It is also injected with oil and resin to make it attractive. The impact of the healing properties of Gemstones reduces when heated or treated.


Rudra Centre offers a collection of untreated, unheated, lustrous, flawless, superior quality, genuine Natural Pink Tourmaline Gemstone, in various sizes and neatly cut to various shapes. Buy this Gemstone from us and be assured of the best price in the market. Once you have selected from our collection of loose Pink Tourmaline gemstone, you can choose to get it made from our in house jewellers.


  • It is the stone for Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, located near the breastbone, ensures that your interaction with the external world is positive.
  • When Heart Chakra is blocked, the person faces disharmony and pains in a relationship as well as possessiveness, envy, lack of self-love and depression.
  • This gemstone heals the Heart Chakra unleashing all of its energies. The person regains compassion, forgiving attitude etc.


  • Wearing this Gemstone acts on the Heart Chakra making the person compassionate, forgiving, loving towards self and others.
  • Pink Tourmaline brings abundance, love, joy.
  • The gemstone aids to recover from heart diseases.
  • It calms down the heart, assuring that is
  • It is believed to protect the person from common electromagnetic radiation emanating from everyday technology.
  • It soothes the nervous system, migraine and neuralgia.

How to Buy Pink Tourmaline

Some simple tests can ensure whether the gemstone is genuine Pink Tourmaline or not:

  • Holding the natural Pink Tourmaline gemstone against artificial light, if it changes colour and shows a brownish hue then it is a genuine piece.
  • It is hard to scratch. With a knife blade scratch the stone a bit, if it gets scratched then it is not a genuine Natural Pink Tourmaline gemstone.


For the best results, use the stone as a ring or a pendant and has to be worn per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST- a scientific healing method devised by Rudra Centre). Gemstones, worn as per RRST methods, give positive results to the wearers.

(Click here to know about RRST)

For getting the best results by wearing Pink Tourmaline gemstone, contact us as our team of experts will guide you through wearing it as per RRST.


Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience.

At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and gemstones. For this, we have skilled artisans who are trained in thread, gold and silver artworks and follow Rudraksha stringing as per RRST.