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About Prosperity Yantra Kits

What is Prosperity Yantra Kit

A Yantra kit is one of the most auspicious and divine boxes that houses a number of powerful and mystical items. Every kit under the ‘Prosperity Yantra Kits’ category holds a particular significance, each of these kits has about six Yantras which are pocket-sized, a locket, deity images, and the likes. The Prosperity Kit comprises of:

  • 6 Pocket size Yantras namely the Mahalakshmi Yantra, Shree Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Kailash Dhanraksha, Vishnu Yantra, and the Kanakdhara Yantra
  • Deity images of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are finely crafted on sheets of pure Brass
  • This box also comprises a CD that has powerful chants of Goddess Mahalaxmi
  • This Kit also comprises a divine book on Dhanakarshana
  • It also houses plenty of other puja articles like the deity Chunri, Akshat, Lotus Mala comprising of 27+1 beads, sandalwood paste, dhoop sticks and
  • The powerful Shree Yantra Copper Locket has to be worn around the neck

This prosperity Kit is a divine possession that attracts positivity, prosperity, and riches. It brings in opportunities and opens doors for new opportunities that help in gaining financial profits and which protect existing wealth.

Why buy energized prosperity yantra kit

The Prosperity Kit is a mystical kit that comprises a wide range of powerful Yantras, a locket, images, and other holy articles. This kit is full of divine energies that draw/attract riches and prosperity. The Prosperity Kit also makes one focused and attentive when it comes to investing in financial matters and working towards gaining more income. The prosperity Yantra kit is an auspicious kit that not only focuses on financial growth but the overall growth and prosperity in every walk of life.

These Yantras also help in nullifying the negative energies and attracting positive energies. Energized Yantras are ‘Jagrut (alive)’ and they emit energies that are divinely beneficial and offer a range of benefits. Energized Yantras are best as they help in manifesting your desires and also spread positivity in your professional and personal life.

Placement of prosperity yantra kit

You can place the prosperity yantra kit or you can install the prosperity kit in the locker of your cupboard, or in the cash box. You can also place the energized prosperity yantra kit in the living room or your office in the East direction facing West. This may be used as a spiritual gift to your dear ones.

The placement of a Yantra plays a pivotal role as it is important to align the energies of the Yantras with the energies of the Vastu. Wrong placement of the yantras would not cause any ill effect but they would not work at all. Thus, it is very important and also beneficial to install the yantra in order to make it work to its maximum potential.

Mantra for Prosperity yantra kit

You can chant the Mahalakshmi Mantra or the Kubera Mantra or Lakshmi mantra for prosperity in order to manifest your desires and to achieve monetary bliss. Mantra through the mechanism of sound vibrations attract cosmic energies and these energies amplify and help to make one desire come true. Goddess Mahalakshmi is a Supreme feminine power who bestows wealth, prosperity, and peace over Her devotees. Mantra chanting can also open the door of Supreme Conscience.

Benefits of prosperity yantra kit

  • It attracts riches and offers opportunities that make the worshipper wealthy and prosperous
  • Offers good fortune on the worshipper
  • The prosperity kit when installed paves the way to attract new work opportunities that increase the flow of funds
  • It also boosts one to save money and add to the wealth.
  • Helps to attain worldly desires and encourages and elevates inner cosmic power that helps in fulfilling all wishes through the power of affirmation, meditation, and mantra chanting
  • Bestows Ashat Riddhi and Nav Siddhi

Why buy from us

We at Rudra Centre are the pioneers who deal with a wide range of spiritual and religious products and services. You can browse through the variety of Prosperity kits that we offer. We at Rudra Centre are quality personified in all our products and services that we offer. We are the first ISO-certified Rudraksha organization that offers an authentic range of spiritual products and services with more than 22,000 clientele all over the world.

All our product range is authentic and energized by our in-house pundits who are learned and knowledgeable. All our product ranges are energized as well. Do you have queries? Need assistance? Browse through our range of authentic, energized, and powerful Prosperity Kits and secure an invitation to attract prosperity in your house and in your life.