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Protection Yantra Kits

What is a Protection Yantra Kit?

There are various tools like Yantras and Yantra Lockets as well as Kavacham for building a protective shield to combat negative energies. The Protection Yantra Kit is a well-designed set of all the items that protect an individual from evil forces. It is created with the intent of saving a customer’s time of browsing through so many different categories of products. This Kit is useful for worship rituals and other purposes like meditation, mantra chanting (Mantra Jaap), etc. It is a useful gifting option for your friends, family, near ones and colleagues. Worshipping the Yantras in this Kit will only prove to be beneficial because of the divine energies that they carry.

What do we provide in the Protection Yantra Kit?

The Protection Yantra Kit has 7 Pocket size Yantras namely Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Durga Yantra, Durga Bisa Yantra, Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra, Mahakali Yantra and Hanuman Yantra. There is a CD of Kavacham, Hanuman Chalisa Book, Devi’s Chunri, Dhoop sticks, Akshat (rice grains), Sandal paste, Red Sandalwood Mala of 27+1 beads and Haldi Turmeric Mala with 108+1 beads in this kit. The first Mala is for strengthening confidence and determination whereas the second one is for Anusthan i.e. special prayers and for worshipping Goddess Baglamukhi. This set also includes Shree Durga Bisa Yantra Copper Locket which is an effective object for protection. These items are packed in a strikingly beautiful box that is durable. The Protection Yantra Kit has been helpful to many clients across the globe. It is energized, made of genuine quality material and designed keeping the convenience of the customers in mind.

Protection Yantra Kit Benefits

  • Frees the sadhaks/worshippers from the fear of death and dangers
  • Prevents diseases and removes the anxiety related to illnesses
  • Helps gain success in legal disputes and court cases
  • Gives protection from hidden enemies and black magic
  • Bestows good health and holistic healing
  • Removes obstacles from the path of success
  • Reduces problems and troubles
  • Brings fame and luxury to the sadhaks/worshippers
  • Blesses with the power to control and influence
  • Makes the worshipper physically and mentally strong
  • Instils valour and strength in the sadhaks/worshippers
  • Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra in this kit specifically protects the vehicle from mishaps and sudden accidents

Protection Yantra Kit Uses

It majorly comprises different types of Yantra, Mala and Lockets which have various uses. The Yantra is to be placed in the puja altar/entrance of the dwelling or can be carried in a pocket/purse due to its compact size. The Mala is to be used while chanting the mantras and the locket is for wearing on a daily basis. It shows brilliant results when worn and worshipped regularly. The CD and prayer books are to be used for reciting the mantras and playing the Stotram CD can also create a devotional ambience.

Placement of Protection Yantra Kit

The Kit has pocket-size Yantras that are appropriate for carrying in your pocket, wallet, handbag or purse. They can also be kept on the puja altar while worshipping and other items like Mala in the Kit should be stored in a safe sacred place. Placing the Yantras at the entrance of home/office or dwelling invites auspicious energies in the space. The Yantra Locket has to be worn around the neck since it acts as a protective talisman. It helps to stay safe from any negative forces that are harmful.

Why buy an Energized Protection Yantra Kit?

It is highly recommended to buy an energized Protection Yantra Kit because of the powerful energies that it contains. The Yantras, Malas and Locket in the Kit are energized with a holy mantra chanting by our Rudra Centre Pundits. This process induces more power in the Yantra which generates excellent and faster results. Always check if the Protection Yantra Kit is energized to see notably positive changes in life. Praying to the Yantra every day and reciting the related Mantras also increases its effectiveness by inviting the deity’s presence in it.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

With over 22,000+ positive testimonials from satisfied customers, Rudra Centre is a trusted seller of spiritual products. We have a wide collection of Yantras, deity idols, gemstones with a certificate of authenticity, Rudraksha beads and everything related to spirituality. To make sure that each of our customers gets the best benefits, our products are scrutinized well before making them available for sale. We also provide expert assistance over call and live chat so one can consult them while ordering any item. Buy Protection Yantra Kit online from us for a better and safe life.

Protection Yantra Kit Price

The Yantra Kit consists of a number of different items so the price may vary as per the other rate fluctuations. Our Protection Yantra Kits are priced fairly and the top quality items are completely worth the price.