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About Pooja Kalash (Pot)

What is a pooja kalash?

A pooja Kalash is a puja pot that has a narrow opening at the surface (or its mouth) with a broad base. The Kalash for puja is one of the most important puja articles which is used in many auspicious Hindu, Jain and Buddhist ceremonies. The Pooja Kalash is called ‘Purna Kalash or Purna Kumbh’ when it is filled with water, mango leaves are half dipped in this water with its stem inside the water and when a coconut is placed over it. A Kalash when used in auspicious occasions like wedding ceremonies, pujas and the naming ceremony of a child is a symbolic representation of Lord Ganesh. Some people also put gold and silver coins in the Kalash as a symbolic representation of Goddess Lakshmi.

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What do you put in pooja Kalash?

If you are preparing a pooja kalash, fill fresh plain water in it. You can also add gold or silver coins to it. Now put some Kumkum and turmeric powder in the Kalash. If you want you can add a few Tulsi leaves in the water of the Kalash. Once this is done, immerse the petiole or the mango leaf stalk in the water and let the rest of the body of the mango leaves be out, place a coconut on top of the leaves and Poorna Kalash is ready. Thus, to sum it up you can put water, gemstone, gold and silver coins, Vermilion and turmeric powder in the Puja Kalash.

Which side of the pooja Kalash should be placed?

The Pooja Kalash is a mystical article that plays a significant role and is the embodiment of many deities. Among the five elements, the water element is associated with the Kalash and the North-East corner or area of the house/office of any other form of Vastu is said to be favourable for Water energy. The North-East corner of the house/office/other Vastu corresponds positively with the Water Element, hence, it is beneficial to install the Kalash in this corner as it is believed to offer all-round prosperity, happiness in the life of the dwellers, brings peace in the life of the dwellers, attracts prosperity and riches, enhances knowledge and prevents losses in finance and makes one spend wisely. Thus, make sure that you are placing the pooja kalash in the North-East direction.

What should I do with Kalash after pooja?

After the puja is done you can offer the water of the Kalash to the trees around the vicinity of your home or office. The haldi and coconut can be used to make prasadam. If you have put coins and gemstones in the Kalash water, remove them after puja and keep the coins and gems either in your purse or in the cash box or in the locker to attract more money and financial gains. Once the contents in the Kalash are removed after the pooja is over, clean the kalash by washing it and fill water in the Kalash and place a coconut over it and install it in your puja altar in the North-East direction.

Where can I buy pooja Kalash?

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