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About Puja Kalash

The auspicious Kalash is a fundamental part of puja, Yajna, religious ceremonies like wedding, Vastu Dosh puja and traditional housewarming and child naming ceremony. It is used in puja as an embodiment of Shri Ganesha, the God of auspicious beginnings. It is also associated with Mother Goddess thus attributed as a container of fertility. A Kalash is often placed near the Deity idols or image during puja rituals, near the entrance as a sign of welcome, or positioned in the north direction near the Homa fire. Its presence in the form of Purna Kumbha with water/rice filled in Urn and coconut placed on top while top rim holding mango leaves and sanctified Mauli thread tied around the neck of Urn is akin to divinity and auspiciousness.

Kalash Puja Vidhi and Significance

The Skanda Purana talks about the origin of Kalash. During the great churning of the ocean by Gods and Demons, Lord Dhanvantri (a form of Lord Vishnu) had emerged, holding a Kalash carrying the nectar of immortality; thus, Kalash is considered to be a symbol of immortality. The Kalash holds different significances. The base, neck and opening of Kalash are associated with Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is also associated with Five elements where the pot is associated with Earth, its neck with fire, the opening with air, the inside with water and the coconut and leaves placed atop with Ether, thus placing in Kalash in home is recommended in Vastu. Kalash is also associated with body Chakras, with the base being associated with the Root chakra and the top of coconut being associated with crown Chakra. It is believed that the energies resonating from Kalasha get absorbed by the body, which helps balance the Chakras, purify the mind and promote the uninterrupted flow of energies throughout the body.

The Kalash, with its symmetrical design from all directions, symbolises the entire universe; thus, it is a personification of all Gods. The Urn represents the Earth, and the water symbolises the primordial water through which all creations came into existence, the leaf and coconut symbolise the creation, and the thread represents love which connects all in the creation.

Preparing Kalash for puja

Kalash is used during puja and Yagna ceremonies as a symbolism of a seat for invoking Deities. The simple way to prepare a Kalash for puja is as under:

Fill the Kalash with water or Ganga Jal, then place mango/ betel leaves on the rim of Kalash in a circular pattern in numbers of 5, 7 or any odd numbers. Place a coin or betel nut, scent or Kumkum powder in it. You can also add five precious gems to the pot. And then, place a coconut on top of the pot and tie a Mauli thread around the neck of the pot. You can decorate the Kalash with flowers. Place the Kalash pot on a Swastik symbol drawn using wet Kumkum, turmeric or sandal paste near the Deity idol or Yagna. After the puja, sprinkle the water in Kalash in the premises of your house or pour it into the Tulsi plant.

Kalash in Vastu Shastra

Kalash also holds significance in Vastu Shastra and is referred to as Mangal Kalash. During the Vastu puja ritual, before constructing a new house or structure, a Kalash is buried under the foundation, denoting its auspiciousness. Kalash is associated with the water element, which corresponds with the North-East zone of a home/office/building structure. Placing the Kalash in the North-East or North direction of the house is believed to bring all-around prosperity, peace, happiness and prevent any financial losses and expenses.

Usage: Fill water in the Kalash and place 11 Gomati Chakra in it and sprinkle the water in the entire house, the next day. Keep changing the water every day. You can also use a gemstone Kalash or decorative Kalash in place of regular Kalash for Vastu purpose.

Puja Kalash in different Designs and Materials

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Ornate/Decorative Kalash for Puja: We have ornate Kalash and decorative Kalash designed as Purna Kalash, decorated with coloured stonework. They are long-lasting and convenient to use. You can buy a decorative Kalash online and use them in place of Purna Kumb to place in dwelling to enhance your Vastu, wedding ceremonies or place it near house entrance to welcome auspiciousness.

Brass/ Silver/ Copper Kalash for Puja: Kalash made of Brass, copper or silver are popularly used in pujas. All our Kalash are made of the finest quality metals available in plain and carving patterns, making us one of the best stores to buy pooja Kalash online.

Gemstone Kalash: Made in natural gemstone, this Kalash resonates additional healing energies of the gemstone, thus helping enhance the Vastu of the house/office/place of business.

Puja pot for Karva Chaut: This traditional earthen pot with hand paintwork and glasswork is used by married women during Karwa Chauth festival to hold water for offering it to the moon.

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