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Lord Krishna Pendants

Lord Krishna is the beloved and one of the most popular Lord of all. Resolute and unwavering devotion of His devotee from the heart means true love to Him, and that is what He seeks.

In Chapter 12 (8-11) of the Bhagwadgita He stated: Fix thy mind in Me only, thy intellect in Me, for thou shalt no doubt dwell in Me alone hereafter"...

Lord Krishna goes on to say that even if the devotee thinks of Him always and gives up expectations of rich fruits after performing Karma, He will surely bless him. Another way of feeling close to Lord Krishna and His beloved, Radha, is by keeping them at your heart. Rudra Centre makes it possible for true devotees of the God to attain it by offering to them a range of truly divine and beautiful Lord Krishna as well as Radha Krishna lockets.

The Krishna lockets chiseled in a variety of designs from pure gold and silver are available. Instances of master craftsmanship, each pendant depicts the Lord in various manifestations. Take a look at the locket bearing Lord Krishna standing and playing His flute made of pure silver. It's sure to make you feel very close to Him every moment. If you love Bal Krishna, you can select the pendant in which He gleefully savours His favorite Maakhan!

A collection of other pure silver lockets portraying Lord Krishna as well as Radha Krishna together is also present. The pendants are surely a symbol of unequaled expression of love for both, Radha and Krishna. You can also consider the beautiful Lord Krishna pendant in gold again depicting His childhood play of devouring Maakhan. Radha Rani loves Her Krishna beyond all and symbolizes the love humans have for Him. You can awaken that love within yourself and express it by wearing these pendants. They will remind you of your Krishna every moment, as that precisely is the in which you can pursue Him and win His blessings!