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What is Rangoli art?

It is a form of art with its origin in India and holds significance in the context of decorating the house and inviting positive energies. Rangoli is created by making different patterns with coloured sand that are visually appealing. A beautiful, clean and pleasant entrance to a dwelling is said to please Goddess Laxmi and attract wealth. Rangoli symbolizes joy and vigour which makes it a part of the daily spiritual routine in every Hindu household. It is a Hindu tradition to make a Rangoli every day and bring good luck and positive vibes to one's dwelling.

Rangoli Types

In India, people from different states follow the practice of making Rangoli near the entrance of their home. The technique or material used for making Rangoli changes as per the region and so does its name. Find their names and importance below:

  • The Southern part of India i.e. states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh refer to Rangoli as Kolam. It is made using rice flour with the purpose of feeding the ants at the door itself. The designs are made so nicely that they beautify the home
  • Known as Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, the artistic patterns are made using dry rice flour with bare hands. It is more of a freehand art form that is done creatively to make an attractive design. It brings luck and opulence to the dwelling and auspiciousness
  • Another form of Rangoli is Mandana in Rajasthan which is an intricately drawn design using a brush. It is normally made on festivals and on special occasions to invite the presence of Gods and Goddesses and bring positivity

Rangoli Importance

Rangoli designs and their symmetry are important as it connects with the divine spiritual energies. It represents auspiciousness and attracts positivity. The art has evolved with time and these days three dimensional Rangoli is also made. Many artists use this art form to convey social messages and some even draw huge portraits and mesmerizing sceneries.

What is Rangoli made of?

Different forms of Rangoli are made with different materials like coloured sand, synthetic colours, rice flour, flowers, etc. Some prefer making Rangoli with just colours while some add fancy glitter to it. Over the period of time, other forms of Rangoli have been developed like Rangoli stickers, decorative artefacts with Rangoli designs, Rangoli Puja Thali, etc. They are easy to stick and instantly enhance the look of any space.

Where to make Rangoli?

It is usually drawn at the entrance of a dwelling or near the Puja Chowki/ altar. It can be made on the floor, wooden plank or around the throne of the deity idol. Making a Rangoli signifies luck, bliss and brings the blessings of the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi. One can also stick the Rangoli stickers or artefacts in-home or office. It looks attractive and known to be a propitious sign. At festivals, larger designs of Rangoli are made at the entrance of offices or in the centre of the buildings.

What is the purpose of a Rangoli?

Rangoli Designs have geometric shapes, leaves, flowers, birds, holy symbols of “Om”, Swastika, “Shri”, “Shubh-Laabh”, etc. These auspicious symbols invoke the deities and their presence in our dwelling. The bright colours used in Rangoli help in reducing stress levels. When we look at visually appealing colours, it helps in relaxing the mind. It is drawn by holding the coloured sand between the thumb and forefinger. This is beneficial for balancing acupressure, spine and posture while making Rangoli.

What is the history of Rangoli?

The word Rangoli comes from the Sanskrit word “Rangavalli”. It is an art form that involves the usage of colours to make various patterns with bare hands and create a magnificent design. It is believed that an uneven floor has irregular vibrations so sweeping such a floor may bring negative energies. Making a Rangoli design on the floor draws positive vibrations that are beneficial for the well-being of the residents of the house.

Rangoli Benefits

  • Drawing a beautiful Rangoli brings good fortune
  • It attracts the principles of various deities
  • Beautifies the home and creates a positive ambience
  • The symmetrical design of the Rangoli resonates with the highly elevated frequencies

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