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Rangoli - Design XXVII


INR 400


Rangoli is an age old tradition of Hindus which is drawn on the floor with different colours outside the main entrance of the house to usher in the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, especially during the festival of Diwali and also other auspicious occasions like weddings etc.

This modern- day readymade Rangoli is made of acrylic and just needs to be installed outside the main entrance of the house on the floor.

This Rangoli has a hexagonal piece in the centre with decorative designs on the outer side of the hexagon and a pretty flower in the centre, set on a Green circular background. The colour combination used is Red, White and Green with the hexagon in White colour. Surrounding the Hexagon are 6 (six) Mangal -Kalash (pot of goodness) which symbolizes Lord Ganesha's blessings of abundance. The colours used for the Kalash are Red and Green primarily , with decorations of shiny flower shaped studs at places.

This Rangoli is sure to draw appreciation when placed outside the main entrance of the house, office or shop during Diwali or any other special occasion.

Total area covered: 9 inches