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About Rose Quartz Bracelets


Rose Quartz bracelets or real Pink Quartz Bracelets are made of one of the most renowned and commonly used gemstones, Rose Quartz. The love baby Pink/light Pink gemstone associated with the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, opens the Chakra to connect with energies of love, Universal love, forgiveness and compassion. Rose Quartz Bracelets are also worn for its healing properties and its calming, peaceful effect on the wearer. The natural, original Rose Quartz Bracelets are part of the jewellery which has been worn for centuries.

As the name says, the soothing Pink gemstone is a Quartz, mineral Silicon Dioxide, which gets its colour from traces of Manganese, Titanium, and Iron present in it. Brazil is a major producer of Rose Quartz gemstone. Colour of Rose Quartz crystal charm Bracelet range from light Pink to deeper shades of Pink.

Rose Quartz Bracelet Price

One of the main factors on which the natural original Rose Quartz Bracelet price depends is its color. The Bracelet price increases, with the increase in the intensity of Pink color. Other than this, the size and shape of Beads are other factors that determine the Rose Quartz Bracelet price. The price also depends on whether it is Rose Quartz Silver Bracelet or Rose Quartz Gold Bracelet or Rose Quartz stretch Bracelet strung on elastic bands. So depending on whether it is Gold or Silver the cost increases.

Rose Quartz Bracelet’s healing properties make it popularly worn for healing emotions, the Heart Chakra, and also physical healing. Rose Quartz gemstone is treated with heat to enhance the color. Gemstones that are heated or treated lose their inner value and quality. It is important to ensure that the gemstone is natural and original, to get optimum benefits.

Where to Buy Rose Quartz Bracelet?

Rudra Centre offers a collection of untreated unheated high quality natural original Rose Quartz Bracelets. Our collection includes real Pink Quartz Bracelets with different shapes of beads, like, Oval, Elliptical, Faceted, etc shapes. Rose Quartz Bracelet for sale include the Rose Quartz beads in combination with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, which have powerful healing powers. Buy a genuine Rose Quartz Bracelet from us at the best price. You can browse through our collection and pick your choice. The Bracelets are energized and ready to use. Buy a natural Rose Quartz Bracelet from us online. Our efficient service ensures that your order reaches you within a few days.

Rose Quartz Bracelet Benefits: Rose Quartz Bracelet Uses

The natural original Rose Quartz Bracelets are excellent for healing emotions, relationships and are used for the same. The representation of Universal love. This may be one of the reasons why Rose Quartz Bracelets can be worn by anyone irrelevant of Zodiac Signs or what their Kundli (Birth chart) indicates. Rose Quartz Chakra gemstone bracelets are said to have a positive effect in healing the seven main chakras of the body. The soothing Rose Quartz Bracelet benefits make them useful for everyone because of the love element.

  • When worn it acts on the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, opening it to infuse the energies of love.
  • One of the primary uses is the Rose Quartz Bracelet to attract love and romance in life.
  • Rose Quartz Bracelet benefits by calming down the mind and therefore helps to gain balance between the inner and outer self.
  • Wearing the real Pink Quartz Bracelets helps to forgive self and others and brings a compassionate approach to everything and everyone.
  • It is used to enhance physical beauty. It is said to prevent aging. A quality that has been used since ancient times.
  • The Bracelets when regularly worn, heals disharmonious unhappy relationships.
  • Physiologically, Rose Quartz Bracelets are said to boost blood circulation, aids in healing heart-related ailments.
  • Wearing the Bracelet relieves depression and mental trauma.
  • Rose Quartz Bracelets support healing of the physical Heart.
  • It can be effectively used to increase self-esteem.

How to Wear Rose Quartz Bracelet

Before wearing the Rose Quartz Bracelet, you will have to cleanse it, charge it, and program it. Keep cleaning the energies in regular intervals to get maximum benefits.