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About Rose Quartz Bracelets

What is a Rose Quartz bracelet?

The bracelets which are made using genuine Rose Quartz beads are known as Rose Quartz bracelets. The genuine Rose Quartz gemstone is more than just a gemstone; it helps in healing the Heart Center or the Heart (Anahata) Chakras and helps healing emotional and mental health.

Why we wear a gemstone bracelet

We wear a gemstone bracelet or a Rose Quartz bracelet to balance the imbalance in various areas of our life and to heal ourselves. The Rose Quartz Chakra bracelet/Rose Quartz charm bracelet for instance is worn as it helps in unblocking the Heart Chakra and healing emotions. We wear gemstone bracelets to get optimum benefits from them in order to make our life better.

Benefit of gemstone Bracelet/ What is the gemstone bracelet healing property or other property (Based on Gemstone)

  • The Rose Quartz bracelet benefits everyone as it is the stone that offers unconditional love, compassion and balances emotions
  • It opens and cleanses the Heart (Anahata) Chakra and ihelps in infusing the energies of love
  • We wear the Rose Quartz bracelet to attract love and romance in life
  • Rose Quartz bracelet healing properties help to calm the mind
  • Wearing the real Pink Quartz bracelet makes one compassionate
  • Helps to heal the pain caused due to heart breaks
  • Boosts blood circulation and attracts happiness

Where to buy a gemstone bracelet?

You can buy the gemstone bracelet online from us. We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned and trusted companies globally. We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We deal in a wide range of spiritual and religious products and services. We are also pioneers who deal in supplying authentic, natural and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across the globe. We have more than 22,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps us to be the market leader.

What is the price range of a gemstone bracelet?

The original Rose Quartz bracelet also known as the pink quartz bracelet price is based on the colour that the Rose Quartz exhibits, the more the colour of the Rose Quartz is intense the more price. Apart from this, the size and shape given to the Rose Quartz beads along with the stringing options and metals used determine the price of the Rose Quartz bracelet.

Why wear an energized gemstone bracelet?

Energization is a process that helps in awakening and activating the energies of the Vedic gemstones. These Vedic gemstones when activated and worn by an individual offer respective benefits through the properties and energies emitted by those gemstones strung in the gemstone bracelet. Energized gemstone bracelets not only make a style statement but offer healing and benefits that change the life of the wearer for the better.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or charged Gemstone Bracelets?

Yes, we at Rudra Centre offer energized gemstone bracelets. All the products that we offer are energized and blessed so that our clients can experience the changes and blessings these products offer and live a positive and progressive life.

How to clean a gemstone Bracelet?

Gemstones are precious and one has to be very careful while handling them. Wearing the gemstone bracelet daily can result in accumulation of dirt in between the loops of its chain and also lessen its sheen. Hence it is important to cleanse it carefully. Soak the gemstone bracelet in a bowl of water and a mild detergent mix or strong chemical free powder, use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub each portion of the bracelet, now rinse off the soap completely and pat the bracelet dry with a clean cloth.

How can I authenticate original and fake Gemstone Bracelet

We at Rudra Centre supply only genuine, original and Natural gemstones. We provide certificates of authenticity with many of our highly priced gemstone bracelets but if you need a certificate of authenticity on any of the products you purchased from us, we can offer that to you but for acquiring the same you will have to pay an extra sum. Also, you can get the gemstones strung in the bracelet tested in the lab to have a clear understanding if the gemstone is fake or real.

Gemstone bracelet making option (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We at Rudra Centre offer Gemstone bracelets/ Rose Quartz bracelets in silver and stretchable elastic bands but we can surely customise the same by stringing the Rose Quartz crystal bracelet in Gold or other metal as per our client’s requirement.

What are the Gemstone bracelet side effects (If worn without consultation)?

Not all gemstones suit everyone. Some of the gemstones if worn without consultation can cause adverse effects on the personal and professional life. If a gemstone jewellery or ornament does not suit the wearer then it may cause health issues, financial loss, troubles in maintaining good relationships with others and the likes.

A Rose Quartz is a semi-precious stone and is known as the stone of compassion and love. Wearing a real Rose Quartz bracelet stone blesses the wearer with compassion and love, this stone can be worn by anyone. We at Rudra Centre have a team of learned counsellors who offer best consultation and guide you about which stone to wear and on which finger or wrist it needs to be worn.