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About Rosewood Mala

Significance of Rosewood Mala

The Rosewood Tree is rare with the Botanical name Dalbergia Sissoo, for North Indian Rosewood. In local language Rosewood it’s known as Sisam Tree in India. The beads from Rosewood Tree are strung in thread to make the Rosewood Mala. The natural Rosewood Necklace or Mala has a sweet floral fragrance which has a soothing effect on the mind. The beads are Reddish Brown in colour and are found in various shapes like, round, elliptical and other shapes.

Commonly the Rosewood Malas are used as Rosary or Japa Mala for chanting Mantras of Lord Ganesha and worn for spiritual purpose or as fashion jewellery. The Rosewood Tree grows in India and countries like Africa, Brazil, etc. Each country or region has a different Botanical name, though the species are the same.

Rosewood mala is considered holy. It is protective, repels negative energies, fortifies the aura of the wearer, provides strength, courage, fulfils wishes and brings spiritual disposition. Possessing medicinal properties, the Rosewood Mala boosts immunity, blood circulation, heals skin irritation, relieves stress and heals other ailments. It works very well for the skin and wearing Rosewood Mala rejuvenates the cells.

Generally, Rosewood Oil is widely used in skin creams and cosmetic products, and for aroma therapy as it is endowed with healing qualities. It is said to rejuvenate tissues which clears wrinkles and lines on skin. It prevents hair fall, dandruff and improves the quality of hair. These qualities have made Rosewood popular in the cosmetic industry.

In India Rosewood Trees grow in Haryana, Sariska Tiger Reserve in India, Periyar National Park, Bandipur National Park, etc.

Why and How are Rosewood Mala or Rosewood Garlands Used

  • The Rosewood Mala or Rosewood necklace has been used since ages as Japa Mala to chant Mantras of Lord Ganesha, who removes hurdles from life.
  • It is worn to imbibe the many qualities that Rosewood offers for physical healing. It soothes skin irritation, inflammation, etc.
  • Rosewood Necklace is worn as fashion jewellery.
  • Rosewood Mala is used for meditation.
  • Rosewood Necklace is worn for spiritual elevation.

Benefits of Rosewood Mala

Original Rosewood Mala’s beads are made from trees, and being a natural product, it possesses innate healing energies. The Rosewood Mala Necklace benefits in several ways, some of which are:

  • Rosewood Necklace bestows courage and strength to the wearer.
  • Rosewood Mala is used as Japa Mala to chant the Mantras of Lord Ganesha, which gives a meritorious outcome. Lord Ganesha removes obstacles in the way of success, bestows knowledge, intellect, wisdom, prosperity, abundance and much more.
  • The Rosewood Necklace is worn for enhancing love and compassion which is a well-known quality of the Mala.
  • Rosewood Mala Necklace is worn for its healing properties which strengthens immunity, improves blood circulation, heals skin irritation, inflammation, heals fever, indigestion and other ailments and diseases.
  • The Malas are excellent in protecting the wearer and dispels negative energy.
  • Rosewood Mala has spiritual connotations and is popularly worn for this attribute.
  • Rosewood possesses feminine energy and when worn or meditated with, enhances intuitive powers and beauty.
  • Wearing Rosewood Malas is said to rejuvenate the cells which make it very effective for healthy and smooth skin and healthy hair.

All the merits of the Rosewood Mala are gained when the mala or necklace is made of genuine and natural Rosewood Beads. Buy Rosewood mala from a reputed, trusted shop or dealer of spiritual Malas so that you can get original Rosewood mala and garner its benefits.

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The Rosewood Bead Malas have a trendily styled Sumeru Bead with smaller Beads hanging from it. The lovely Rosewood Necklaces can be worn for the many healing properties it possesses, which act physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our Rosewood Necklaces are strung with smoothly shaped Beads of uniform sizes which makes them look attractive. You can browse our site to choose from the options of Rosewood Malas and place your order online with us. We provide Rosewood Malas at the best price and quality. Once you place the order of Rosewood Necklace, we ensure that it is delivered at your doorstep within a few days of you placing the order.

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