Rosewood mala - Elliptical beads


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Rosewood beads have a very pleasant and soothing natural aroma. Its scent is known to offer relief from nervousness, headaches and frigidity. It also helps to boost the immune system. Rosewood mala if worn on a skin rash can heal the affected area. Like all healing jewellery, Rosewood helps in warding off the negative energies. Rosewood has been used for a very long time in the treatment of ailments, both physical and spiritual.

Smooth beads of high quality & original rosewood are hand crafted to make this beautiful mala of 108+1 beads.


  • Rosewood beads unfold vibrant energy and gives willpower.
  • Used in worship of Lord Ganesh
  • It is warming, improves circulation and protects from negative energy.
  • It is also helpful for treating indigestion and fever.
  • Can be worn as healing jewellery