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RRST Gemstone bracelets

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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy Gemstone Bracelet

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is an effective and powerful alternate healing therapy using Rudraksha and Gemstones which has been recognized and acclaimed globally. Wi...th years of extensive and curative research, these exclusive ranges of gemstone bracelets have been designed. These gemstone combinations work on the root cause of the problem and help in unblocking and opening the blocked chakras. They attract abundance and positive outcomes by strengthening the aura of the wearer. These bracelets also aid in maintaining mental, physical and emotional balance when worn. Read More

RRST combinations can now be set in attractive designs. You may explore and choose from various designs of the Dattatreya Designer Collection (DDC).

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Why Buy from Rudra Centre

  • We are a credited ISO 9001:2008 certified organization in the world.
  • We provide natural, flawless, non-heated treated and non-colour enhanced Gemstones.
  • Our gemstones are one time investment that cost fraction as compared to modern remedies and can be worn for life.
  • Our Gemstones are approved by Vedic astrology and come with certificate from Government certified Gem Institute of India.
  • Quality check is performed on every product from inception to dispatch under strict parameters to maintain high quality standards.
  • All gemstones are energised with precise seed mantra on its particular day that helps eliminate all malefic effects of particular planet and reinforce the benefic effects.
  • We pick gemstone as per Rudraksha Ratna Science which has been devised after 46 years of deep research on the usage and effect of gemstones on body chakras.
  • We examine your chakras, planetary effect and study your specific concerns and also recommend correct methodology of wearing the gemstone.
  • Gemstone recommended by us does not have any side effect and can be worn by anyone irrespective of the birth chart.
  • Our therapy helps provide cure for variety of diseases including headaches and backaches, digestive problems, allergies etc. and several psychiatric problems and for success in career, love life and relationships.
  • We have a highly skilled design team who are trained in crafting or stringing Gemstones in form of bracelets, pendants, mala or rings as per RRST for supreme results in shortest time.


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