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About Ruby Bracelets

About Ruby Bracelets

Ruby is a precious Gemstone, admired for its striking red colour. Ruby Bracelets are worn as jewellery for its vibrant look and the healing properties it possesses. Ruby Gemstone is called Manik in India. It is known as Ratanraj, King of Gemstones. History shows that the Ruby Gemstone has been favoured by Royalty and embellished Crowns of Emperors. Red Ruby Bracelets come in various bead shapes and designs, including men's Ruby Bracelets. The Ruby Gemstone works favourably for Politicians, leaders, those who are in high profile jobs or aspirants of higher office.

Ruby stone composition is mineral Corundum (Aluminum Oxide) and the Red colour is due to traces of Chromium. Real Ruby Bracelets vary from Pink to Blood Red colour. The most sought after is Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Gemstone.

What is the Price Range of a Ruby Gemstone Bracelet?

Ruby Gemstone is one of the costliest gemstones. Burmese Ruby is considered the best quality Ruby Gemstone and sometimes is priced higher than Diamonds. Primarily the price of Ruby depends on the colour, followed by the weight and cut of the Gemstone. Therefore, Ruby Gemstone Bracelets are priced on similar factors. The colour of Ruby varies according to the place of origin too. For example, Rubies from Sri Lanka are lighter shades of Red, Madagascar Rubies are dark Pink in colour and so on. So, the Ruby Bead Bracelet price also depends on the origin of the Ruby Bracelet stones.

Besides being worn as fashion jewellery, Ruby Bracelets are also worn for Astrological remedy. Ruby Gemstone holds significance in Vedic Astrology and is one of the Navaratnas. It is ruled by the planet Sun, which is the source of life, extremely powerful and wearing the bracelet with Ruby stone is very beneficial. However, the Ruby Gemstone beads have to be genuine, natural, non-heated and non-treated to get the benefits of Ruby Gemstone Bracelets. Buy a real Ruby Bracelet from a reputed and trustworthy shop or Gemstone dealer for genuine Ruby Bracelets.

Where to Buy a Ruby Gemstone Bracelet?

Rudra Centre offers superior quality, non treated or heated natural, real Ruby Gemstone Bracelets, strung with different Bead shapes, in various styles. Our Ruby Gemstone adjustable Bracelets fit any size and are easy to wear on a daily basis. The Ruby with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads Bracelets, is a variant that is very powerful, bestows the benefits of the Ruby Gemstone and the Rudrakshas. The Silver Ruby Bracelets look pretty and each Ruby Bracelet for sale in our collection is desirable. You can pick your choice of Ruby Bracelet Designs from our array of genuine Ruby Bracelets for sale and buy online with us. When you buy Ruby Bracelets online with us, our efficient services deliver your order within a few days. The Ruby Bracelet price with us is the best you can get in the market.

Why We Wear Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstones have natural healing properties for which they have been worn since ancient times. Ruby Gemstone Bracelets have metaphysical, physical, mental and spiritual properties for which it is very popular. Being a stone of Planet Sun, the Astrological benefits it provides has a great impact. Moreover, the beauty of Ruby Bracelets is reason enough to wear them.

Why Wear Energized Ruby Bracelet

When you buy a Ruby Bracelet, it reaches its ultimate destination, that is you. However, the Bracelet passes through many hands from the time it is mined to reaching you, which depletes the natural energy of the real Ruby Bracelet. In order to cleanse the bracelet of the energies of others who have touched it and to activate the Gemstones, it is important to wear an energized Ruby Bracelet. An energised Ruby Bracelet is ready to exchange its energy with you, making it work in your favour. Wear energized Ruby Bracelets to gain optimum benefits.

Which Hand to Wear Gemstone Bracelet

A Ruby Bracelet should ideally be worn in the right hand. However, it is advisable to consult an expert before wearing the Ruby Bracelet to get the correct guidance.

Ruby Bracelet Making Options

Ruby Bracelets are available with the capping of various metals, like Silver, Gold, Copper etc. Ruby Bracelet Silver or Gold look alluring. Copper Ruby Bracelets may come with Gold polish. We provide many options and designs for Ruby Bracelets to be specially designed for you too.

How can I Authenticate Original and Fake Ruby Bracelets?

You have to be careful while buying Ruby Gemstone Bracelets sold in the market as fake or glass filled Ruby Bead Bracelets are plentiful in the market. It is very difficult to distinguish between real and fake Ruby Bracelets for a common man. There are few ways to identify if the Ruby Gemstone used in the Bracelets are authentic. As Rubies are costly stones, you may want to thoroughly investigate the stone before buying or take the help of an expert.

1) The most used method is to rub the Ruby gemstone on a glass surface. If the stone is not real, it will leave colour on the glass. A natural Ruby will not leave any trace of colour.
3) As Ruby is a hard stone, it does not scratch easily. So scratching the surface of the Gemstone may give an indication of whether it is a real Ruby Bracelet or not.
4) Ruby Gemstone weighs more than its fake, synthetic versions as genuine Ruby Gemstones are denser.

What is the Ruby Bracelet Healing Properties

Ruby Bracelets are sought after for their intrinsic healing properties and also worn for Astrological remedy. As Ruby is ruled by Planet Sun, it strengthens the power of the Sun in your birth chart and gives relief from the ill effects of the malefic Sun. They are meritorious for those in administrative professions, leaders, Politicians and have been patronized by spiritual Gurus too.

  • The Ruby Bracelets provide power, energy, vitality and instil confidence
  • It brings clarity and is excellent in clearing communication problems
  • Wear the Ruby Bracelets if you are seeking support from Government authorities
  • Ruby Gemstone helps to be in good health
  • When worn Ruby Gemstone Bracelets bestows wisdom and illuminates the mind
  • Ruby Bracelets are famous for bringing name, fame, prosperity and abundance
  • With its fiery red colour, it enhances creativity, love and passion and works well for married couples
  • The Ruby Gemstone Bracelets balances the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra, helping to realize your own true potential, talents, skills etc
  • Physically, Gemstone Ruby boosts the immune system and circulation system
  • Real Ruby Bracelets help to heal sexual dysfunction
  • Wear genuine Ruby Bracelets to surge ahead to success
  • Wearing Ruby Bracelets helps to connect with the Divine realm
  • It encourages the wearer to be of service and be given to mankind

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or Charged Ruby Bracelet

We at Rudra Centre offer Gemstones that are energized so that our esteemed customers can gain maximum benefits from them. As the Ruby Bracelets are energized/charged by us with Vedic Rituals, they are ready for you to use when you buy them.

What is the Ruby Bracelet Side Effects

The Sun is a powerful planet in Vedic Astrology and its position in the Kundli has deep meaning for the native. Wearing the Ruby Bracelets without consulting a holistic healing therapist like us can lead to undesirable results. Generally, it works well for those who have a well placed Sun in their birth chart. The holistic therapist at Rudra Centre can advise properly regarding wearing Ruby Bracelet if Planet Sun is not favourable in the birth Chart.

How to Clean a Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

Real Ruby Bracelets can be cleaned at home with warm soap water. You can use a soft brush to clean the dirt and then wash with clean water and pat it dry with a clean dry cloth. Genuine Ruby Bracelets can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners as well.