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About Sai Baba Idols

About Sai Baba

Sai baba, also known as Shirdi Saibaba is regarded as Guru, spiritual master by His devotees. He was revered by both Hindus and Muslims. He propagated the message that God is only one and the idea of unity of all mankind regardless of religion, gender, caste or creed. As a spiritual master, He did not give any formal teachings or Diksha (initiation) or appoint any disciples or spiritual heir. Throughout His life, He performed many miracles to help others, gave darshans (visions) in form of God as per one’s belief to people and appeared in dreams of people to give them guidance.Many devotees, Hermits and people who aspired for salvation also came to meet Sai Baba. Many devotees around the world keep sharing about the miracles of Sai Baba that they experienceto date. Devotees in today’s time visit His shrine in Shirdi in increasing numbers to pay Him homage and offer prayers.

Sai baba in Shirdi

Sai baba had first visited the village of Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra at a tender age of sixteen where He was often seen meditating under a Neem tree, at times without partaking any food or water for days. He stayed there for three years and during this time, Baijamai, the wife of chief of village would enquire about Baba’s welfare and bring food for Him. Baba would eventually treat her as His mother. He suddenly disappeared from Shirdi and returned to the village after a year, along with a marriage party which arrived in Shirdi. For few days He wandered in jungle accommodated under Neem tree while sitting in meditation. Many people started getting attracted by His teachings and also His performance of miracles like healing the sick, fulfilling wishes and helping resolve problems.

On request of His devotees, He made an abandoned mosque His abode, which is referred as Dwarkamai with a constant fire burning of wood logs which is burning till date and the sacred ash of this fire is believed to carry miraculous healing properties. He would spend His day begging for alms and at times prepare Prasadam and distribute it to all and dance and sing devotional songs. With time, His fame and greatness spread far with many devotees visiting Him. He took Samadhi in the year 1918 after His continuous stay for 60 years and the place where His physical remains were duly buried has become a place of worship now, with Sai baba statue installed over it. The place of worship is known as Samadhi Mandir of Sai baba in Shirdi.

Benefits of Having Sai baba Idol at Home or Office

Shirdi Sai baba murtican be installed and worshipped at home/ office formental peace, harmony and spiritual power and protection from all kinds of miseries and dangers. The presence of Sai baba murti in home helps remind one of His divine blessings and His promise that He would be ever active in answering prayers of His devotees.


  • Removes fear and obstacles
  • Bestows endurance and peace of mind
  • Gives spiritual progress and prosperity
  • Grants all wishes and desires
  • Bestow overall wellbeing, wealth and success
  • Helps pacify malefic effect of all planets

Idol of Sai baba ideally must be ideally placed in puja room, which as per Vastu should be in the North-East direction of your home/office. However, since the West corner is associated with Guru and Sai Baba being revered as a Guru, also makes this corner suitable to place marble/stone/ brass Sai baba idol as per Vastu.

Significance and Teachings of Sai Baba

Sai baba in His life focused on realisation of the Self and had no attachment to perishable things. He devoted His life to serve the mankind while promoting spiritual teachings to add new meaning to the life of His devotees. He was against religious orthodoxy and rigidity but encouraged His devotees to study and read holy texts and pray. Sai advocated two important virtues which was Shraddha – faith and Saburi – patience and perseverance. He stressed on individuals performing all his/her duties without getting attached to worldly matters. He encouraged all to lead a moral life, love and help others and be contented with life. He emphasised on the importance of sharing and charity.

Worship of Sai Baba

Sai baba is very compassionate and gets easily appeased. There are not strict guidelines of worship of Sai baba. One can simply offer prayers, follow His teachings of faith and patience and perform simple puja by lighting lamps, incense sticks and offering flowers and sweets to their beloved Sai baba ki murti as per one’s faith and devotion. Thursday is considered to be the best day of the week forworshipping Him. In many temples including Shirdi temple Kakad Aarti early morning hours, afternoon, evening and Shej (night) Aarti are performed, devotees can participate in these Aartis. Reading the SaiSatcharitra book which contains stories of His teaching and miracles is very effective way of connecting with Him.

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