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About Sai Baba Idols

Sai Baba was an Indian spiritual ace who was and is viewed by his devotees as a holy person, fakir, and satguru, as indicated by their individual proclivities and beliefs. He was respected by both his Hindu and Muslim enthusiasts, and during, as well as after, his life it remained uncertain if he was a Hindu or a Muslim himself. This however was of no outcome to Sai Baba himself. Sai Baba focused on the significance of surrender to the direction of the genuine Satguru or Murshid, who, who, having gone the path to divine consciousness himself, will lead the disciple through the jungle of spiritual training.

Rudra Centre offers you a variety of statues of Sai Baba made of brass. These statues spread auspiciousness and divinity. These statues can be placed at home, office or the altar.