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About Saibaba Chowki

What is a Chowki

A Chowki is a seat/pedestal to place Deity idol or Yantra or Shaligram for performing puja. It is way of felicitating the presence of beloved Deity in our home. A Chowki is usually kept in puja or prayer room or in a corner of a home which is undisturbed and clean. The space where Chowki is kept clean all the time, decorated and its sanctity is maintained to create a conducive atmosphere for spiritual Sadhana (practice) including meditation, Aarti, singing of chants, prayers or reading scriptures. Rudra Centre offers specially designed Chowki which can be used as puja altar. They have Deity idol and Yantras. We have special Sai baba chowki with the idol of Sai baba designed as replica of idol in Sai baba Samadhi shrine and Sai baba Yantra installed on it.

Why buy sai baba chowki

Rudra Centre, a one-stop-destination for wide range of energy and spiritual products offers Sai baba chowki online. This Sai baba chowki is a seat on which the idol Sai baba and a Yantra with domed glass is placed behind the idol. It also has Sai Gayatri mantra and carving of paduka replicating Sai idol of Shirdi temple. The beautifully designed Chowki made in brass is easy to maintain. Saibaba Chowki is a ready puja altar which can be placed in home or office. Due to combined benefits of puja and Yantra, it makes a must have for devotees of Sai baba. Being compact, it makes a makeshift puja altar which be carried along during journey. Due to its beautiful design and spiritual benefits, it can also be gifted to spiritual friends.

Significance of Saibaba Chowki

Installing a Sai baba Chowki in home, office or place of business helps one remind of His divine blessings and His assurance that He would answer all sincere prayers of His devotees. The Chowki with power of Yantra emits a powerful vibration of serenity, protection and auspiciousness.

Sai baba also known as Shirdi Sai baba is worshipped by His devotees around the world. He is revered as a Guru (spiritual master) Who advocated the message of God is one and encouraged the idea of being united as human regardless of his faith, caste or creed. A realised Yogi, He lived a simple life with no attachments to any perishable things. He performed many miracles like healing sick people, fulfilling desires of devotees, protecting them and solving their problems. He gave darshans in form of the God a person believed in and also guided many devotees by appearing in their dreams.

His teachings added new meaning to life as He asked all to lead a moral life, perform all duties pertaining to family, society and profession, serve mankind by helping others, love all and lead a contended life. He always inspired one to rise above religious rigidity and study holy texts to understand the interim meaning of the scriptures for knowledge and self-realisation. He propagated two important virtues which helped devotees get through even the toughest phase of life. The two teachings were Shraddha (faith in the Divine and self) and Saburi (patience and perseverance). Till date many devotees continue to experience His miracles and the visit to His Samadhi shrine is increasing in numbers with each passing year.

Benefits of Saibaba Chowki

  • Helps fulfil wishes and provides divine protection
  • Brings spiritual progress and enhanced faith
  • Dispels any fear or obstacles
  • Helps pacify malefic effects of all planets
  • Bestows wealth, success and prosperity
  • Bestows endurance and peace of mind

Where to place Saibaba Chowki

The Sai baba Chowki is to be placed in the puja room. If one does not have a dedicated puja room than a corner where one performs puja, which should be ideally the North-East corner of your home or office as per Vastu. Sai baba is revered as a Guru, thus sai baba chowki can also be placed in the West corner, which is associated with Guru Tattva (element).

Mantras of Sai Baba

Aum Shri Sainathay Namah Sai Gayatri Mantra: Om Sai Gayatri mantra: Shirdi Vasai Vidmahe Satchidanandaya Dheemah Tanno Sai Prachodayat Chanting Mantra: Om Sai Namo Namah, Shri Sai Namo Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai Namo Namah

Worship of Sai baba Chowki

  • One can worship Sai baba as per his/her faith and devotion as Sai baba being compassionate gets easily appeased. You can follow His teaching of Shraddha and Saburi and offer prayers and perform simple puja.
  • After taking bath sit facing the Sai baba Chowki
  • Light an oil/ghee Lamp and an incense stick or dhoop in front of the Chowki
  • Offer fresh flower on the Chowki and a fresh fruit
  • On Thursdays, the day dedicated to Sai baba, you can prepare a sweet as Naivaidyam and place it in front of the Chowki
  • You can perform Sai baba Aarti and read Hymns dedicated to Sai baba, chant Sai baba mantra or listen to audio of Sai baba mantra
  • Sit in silence and gaze with full focus on the Yantra which stands behind Him
  • After some time close your eyes and sit in silence and witness your consciousness naturally being drawn inwards
  • With sincere devotion offer prayers to Sai baba to grant your wishes