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Shirdi Shri Saibaba

If you believe in God and that no God divides people on the basis of religion, race and color, then you are surely a believer of the Omniscient Sri Sai Baba. His entire life was devoted to the cause of uplifting the human species above their daily needs and living under the umbrella of God Almighty. His teaching and scriptures have been over the period of years helped many individuals seek solace and peace in their lives. The values of Sri Sai Baba are one to adore and follow as He is the true Guru of the new age to help its people get rid of all the worries of life.

The followers of Sai Baba can now keep the image of the Almighty close to their hearts with the Sai Baba locket that are presented by the Rudraksha Ratna Collection at Rudra Centre. The Sai Baba pendants are a pure bliss since the designs are exclusively carved in his image and figure as memorabilia that every believer would love to carry on a black or red thread around the neck. The amazing part of the collection is that the locket is available in metals that are holy in nature. The two types are Sai Baba pendant in silver and Sai Baba pendant in gold. The silver and gold are refined and of very pure nature to make them fitting for His Holiness' impression over it.

Another great fact about the Sai Baba locket in silver and Sai Baba locket in gold is that there is an option of not only the metal used but also of the design. So individuals who would love to own Baba's image in a bust mode or worship Him in His famous blissful, caring and yogic pose can benefit from the various design options that are available for Sai Baba pendants.