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About Shree Yantra (Copper, Brass, Silver, Punchdhatu)

About Meru Sri Yantra

Meru Sri Yantra is a three dimensional Yantra with precise carving of the sacred Shri Yantra. It is a sacred tool for bringing blessings of wealth and prosperity in your dwelling. The name “Sri Yantra” is originated from Sanskrit terms where “Shri” means wealth and “Yantra” is instrument. The cosmic energies influence the power of the Yantra and it is a widely used object for worshipping in Sri Vidya.

Decoding the structure of the Shree Yantra, the outer square denotes the Earth element according to Vedic geometry. The T-shape designs on the 4 sides of the square are the entry points of four cardinal directions. Further the square contains three circles that symbolize past, present and future. The very first circle has 16 petals; out of which, 10 petals represent the organs related to perception and our actions, 5 petals symbolize the five elements and the remaining one petal is symbolic of the mind. Then there is an inner circle with 8 petals where each petal is ruled by a particular ability. In the set of interlocked triangles within the inner circle, triangles facing upward represent the masculine values and the ones facing downward represent feminine qualities.

Sri Yantra Benefits

Shree Yantra is an immensely powerful tool that gives the most positive results when worshipped properly. Out of the numerous Meru Sri Yantra benefits, following are the notable ones:

  • Develops concentration to achieve goals
  • Removes negative thoughts and brings clarity
  • Brings material wealth and good luck
  • Takes away difficulties and obstacles from the path of success
  • Attracts positive energies and creates a joyous aura
  • Gives peace of mind and mental stability
  • Frees the worshipper from the cycle of birth & death
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and negativity in home
  • Leads towards spiritual growth

Purpose and Significance of Siddh Sri Yantra

The holiest of all, Shri Yantra is ruled by Goddess Tripura Sundari who is the known as the most beautiful among the three worlds namely BhuLoka, BhuvarLoka and SwargLoka.It means the Earth, Space and Heaven respectively. Siddh Sri Yantra is one of the highly worshipped Yantra as it carries the potential energies to invite abundance to the dwelling. The major purpose of keeping a Shri Yantra is to eliminate the negativity and fill your home with complete peace. It is also used as a protective shield against the malefic effects of planetary transition according to the birth chart.

Siddh Sri Yantra is known for the miraculous effects that it shows after regular worship. It becomes more powerful as you offer prayers and perform the worship rituals on a daily basis. Sri Yantra is one such Yantra that benefits the worshipper in every way and blesses with success in all spheres of life. The one who worships the Yantra with pure devotion and grit is bestowed with confidence and unrelenting prosperity throughout. Its mystical geometry holds the powers that drive away the evil forces and bless the worshipper with overall good health and happiness.

How to place and use MahaSiddh Sri Yantra at Home?

Shri Yantra should be placed in the puja altar and it has to be covered with a red cloth. On every Friday, uncover the ShriYantra and offer fresh flowers, jaggery and raw turmeric to the Yantra. Burn incense sticks in front of it and recite the mantra given below. It has to be ideally placed in the East direction facing towards the West. The rising rays of the Sun energize the Yantra which enables the entry of positive vibrations to the dwelling.

Siddh Sri Yantra Mantra

Om, Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed,
Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah

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