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Silk Dhoti with Shawls:

If it is about shopping silk dhoti With Shawl for men online, choose the best from a collection as silk clothing used in marriage ceremonies or wedding rituals should be clean, pure and confortable. Today silk dhotis are supplied in bulk in different designs and works. The most important part one must keep in mind while buying readymade silk dhotis online is experiencing convenience and comfort while wearing it.

Silk Dhotis come in different designs such as majestic art, in different colors with heavy golden zari border. These dhotis can be worn during meditation, puja and religious occasions, festivals and auspicious events. Unlike other dresses, silk dhotis come unstitched usually five yards long that is tied around the waist and legs. When you wear a silk dhoti for chanting mantra, a simple puja in the morning, Satya Narayan puja at home or even for meditation, you will have convenience doing your activity.

Silk Dhotis in different colours:

Colours play an important role. One may ignore this aspect while shopping the best silk dhoti online. In the Vedic literature and scriptures, colours are intimately associated with the gods. Following the table of colours and the associated deity:

Colour Associated Deity
Red Lord Ganesh, Hanuman,
Orange Mahamrutunjaysiva (shiva), Sri krisha, Ardhanareeshwar
Yellow Lakshmi, Agni, Sun
Green Narayan (Vishnu)
Blue Brahma, Rudra

These colours activate the cosmic element related to a particular deity. For instance, if you wear a silk dhoti of yellow, the Lakshmi elements get super-charged and the atmosphere becomes more auspicious for Goddess Lakshmi represents absolute auspiciousness and divinity. If you have Mahamrutunjaya japas, better you wear an orange silk dhoti.