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About Silver Idols of Gods and Goddesses


Silver idols of Gods and Goddess are a usual sight in houses or office space of Hindus. An idol is a representation of the Divine deity which is a reminder, a form for the devotee to focus on and worship. Idols comprise of various material are installed by devotees and each material has its significance. Installing Silver idols is considered auspicious for the place and inmates. Therefore, beautiful pure Silver idols for pooja room/altar are available to grace your home, workplace, vehicles esp. cars, to Gift to your loved ones. Many people offer Divine Silver idols as a thanksgiving in temples, on fulfilment of their wish.

These silver idols are meticulously handcrafted, with detailed work of face, form, adornment, weapons etc., with the rich shiny polish look. Care is taken because if a Silver statue of Gods and Goddesses are not carved neatly, it is not suitable to be worshipped. Buying Silver Murti online is an easy and safe way to buy them.

Rudra Centre has an array of exquisitely handcrafted, pure Silver God idols at an affordable price, for our esteemed customers. Our extensive collection has a pure Silver statue of Hindu Gods like Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Devi idols and many more. Here ends your search for Silver Murti online. You can safely buy pure Silver idols online from us at the most economical Silver Murti price and we guarantee you smooth user experience. When you select and book your Silver idols of Hindu Gods online, it will get delivered in minimum days, at your doorstep, wrapped safely.

Range of Pure Silver Idols of God and Goddess

The range of God idols includes pure Silver Lord Shiva idols, made to depict Him in a meditative posture or other sitting postures to bring in the high power of Lord Shiva and His blessings of good health, protection, prosperity, positive energies and spiritual growth. The Trishul, Damru, Snake coiled around His neck, these idols evoke devotion.

Lord Ganesha idols in Silver are said to be auspicious and brings in fame, prosperity, success. They have various Silver Lord Ganesha which looks Divine and is perfect for your altar. It is a common practice to do puja of Silver Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi during Diwali. The dual blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, bring in wealth, riches, prosperity, good fortune, success, fame and abundance. The combination of pure Silver Lord Ganesha along with Goddess Sarawati and Laxmi Silver are not only beautifully made but are rated as one of the most searched pure Silver idols of Gods online.

Further, the pure Silver Goddess idols of Divine Mother are attractive and exude the power in the form of Goddess Durga seated on Her vehicle, the Lion, with weapons in Her hands for protection and prosperity of Her devotees. Goddess Laxmi, sitting on a Lotus looks awesome, carved with precision, to grace your dwelling or workspace and bless with Her abundant energies.

Silver idols for Pooja rooms or other strategic placement in your house or office to enrich the energies are also in the list, some of them are:

Silver Mushak idols - Cute and perfectly carved pure Silver Mushak idols, with Silver Modak in hand, are for placing in front or at the feet of Silver Lord Ganesha idols. Mushak is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha and is very popular as He is said to be the carrier of the wishes of devotees to the Lord. These Silver Mushak idols are offered in temples too, by devotees.

Silver Nandi idols - Lord Shiva's vehicle/Vahan, Nandi, the Bull, is seen in all Shiva temples. As a Silver idol, Nandi is intricately crafted either sitting, in its usual posture or standing. The Silver Nandi idols are for placing in front of the Shivlingam.

Silver Vasuki (Snake) - Life-like five hooded Snake, Vasuki, etched with detail of scales, one and a half coil of its tail etc, is meant for encircling the Lingam of the Shivling at your alter.

Other auspicious Silver idols like Elephant with heavy, intricate carving, looks like an artistic decor for your home and brings in abundance or lovely Gaumata idols and other small Silver Gods idols or big Silver idols are available.

How to Clean Silver God & Goddess Idols at Home

For maintaining pure Silver idols of Gods, just like we keep all God idols of other material or auspicious idols clean. There are many ways to keep your God statue in Silver clean and shinning but the easiest way is to use the Herbal Polish Cleaner available with us. It is a liquid made of 100% natural ingredients like Pital Losan, Aritha, Awala, Braso and Ayurvedic Sodium. All you have to do is take a bit of the Herbal Polish Cleaner on a cloth or sponge and rub your article with it, till it shines. Then take another clean cloth and wipe it dry. The advantage of this method is that it is safe for your hands as there is no chemical, so using it regularly too has no side effects/allergic reaction on your hands. It can also be used for other metals like Copper, Brass, Panchdhatu, Marble and Wood products, thereby making it a multi-purpose cleaner.