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Sodalite Bracelet

What is the price range of a Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet?

Sodalite Bracelets are available in various designs that are made using the gemstone in different types of cuts. The prices of Sodalite bracelets vary according to the cut, size and no. of beads used. There is a fluctuation in the price of the bracelets as per the rate of the gemstone.

Where to buy a Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet?

Sodalite Bracelets or any other gemstone bracelets should be bought from a trusted expert like Rudra Centre. There are fake and treated gemstones as well so it becomes important to check the genuineness of the supplier. Non-heated and untreated gemstone bracelets generate desired results. Always check the credibility and user ratings and reviews to know if the seller has original products.

How to clean a Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet?

The bracelet can be rinsed under running water and wiped with a soft, dry cloth. If you are washing the Sodalite Bracelet with soapy water then it is advised to do a patch test on a smaller portion of the gemstone.

Sodalite Bracelet Benefits

  • It removes negative feelings from the heart
  • It boosts immunity and gives protection from illnesses
  • It enhances creativity and confidence of the wearer
  • It increases productivity in the work
  • It improves communication skills and gives peace of mind
  • It is good for mental stability
  • It enriches the wearer with brilliant intuitive skills

Why wear a Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet?

Sodalite Gemstone represents communication and the Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet is suitable for artists, singers, actors and performers. It is good for all those who are in the creative field as it increases the creative power of the wearer. The gemstone bracelet also brings peace, calmness and a rise in efficiency of work. It is an amazing gemstone for mental, physical and emotional healing. It also helps develop good relationships. Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet is helpful for individuals having a blocked Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra.

Which hand to wear Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet?

The Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet can be worn in any hand depending on the benefits the wearer wishes to derive out of it. Wearing the bracelet in the left hand will make the wearer more confident, active and energetic. To remove anxiety, stress and negative energy, it is recommended to wear the bracelet on the right wrist.

Sodalite Bracelet Healing Properties

  • It is great for regulating metabolism
  • It lowers blood pressure and effective for digestion problems
  • It gives a sense of calmness to the wearer
  • It is good for those who have calcium deficiency
  • It protects the wearer from electromagnetic radiations

How to authenticate original and fake Sodalite bead Bracelets?

The rich blue color of Sodalite with subtle veins of white is a major indicator that a Sodalite gemstone bracelet is real. Another way to know if a Sodalite gemstone is original is by cutting it in half. If it smells like a rotten egg, it is real because of the Hydrogen Sulfide present in it. Fake gemstones do not have such odor. One of the easiest ways to check if the Sodalite is real is by doing a scratch test with an iron object. If Sodalite leaves any scratch marks on the iron then it is harder than the metal which shows its originality.

Why wear an Energized Gemstone bracelet?

Energizing the gemstones increases their potential to generate better results. Their power to bring positive effects enhances and helps the wearer to get 100% benefits of the gemstone. The sacred process of Vedic mantra chanting is done by our highly experienced Pundits at Rudra Centre. Imbibe the healing and magical benefits of Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet from our collection.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or charged Gemstone Bracelets?

We, at Rudra Centre, have energized spiritual products for the well-being of our customers. The energized gemstone bracelets are more effective than non-energized ones. It is advisable to buy energized items to get the best benefits.

Why buy Sodalite Gemstone Bracelets online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a great range of Sodalite Gemstone Bracelets that are made beautifully. We provide authentic gemstone bracelets of the highest quality. Our collection has bracelets of faceted Sodalite beads and oval beads. The designs are subtle and made to suit casual wear, formal wear and fusion attire as well. They are crafted by skilful and qualified artisans who have been in this field for years. With strong credibility and over 22,000+ positive testimonials, we aim at selling only the best spiritual products. Our experts are available on call and live chat so one can connect with them if there are any difficulties while buying the Sodalite stone Bracelet. We also have sacred Rudraksha beads, Vedic gemstones and gemstones jewellery, puja accessories, idols of Gods and Goddesses, Yantras, Yantra lockets, and more.