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Spiritual Yantra Kits

What is a Spiritual Yantra Kit?

In Hinduism, rituals have high importance and followed with great devotion and fervour. Every puja ritual is performed by using the right items that have a symbolic and scientific meaning to it. We have brought all the essential Puja items together to form a Spiritual Yantra Kit for your convenience. It has the Yantras and other material that is needed for invoking the Gods and Goddesses. Majorly, it is an all-inclusive kit that saves you the trouble of browsing through all the collections for a single item. It is a perfect gift for your spiritual friends who like indulging in devotional activities.

What do we provide in Spiritual Yantra Kit?

We have a great Devotional Yantra Kit in this range for fulfilling wishes and bringing progressive changes in life. This perfectly customized Kit contains Pocket size Yantras of Shri Ganesh, Shri Durga, Shri Saraswati, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Gayatri, CD of Mahamantras, Book on Sakala Devata, Devi's Chunri, Dhoop sticks, Akshat (rice grains), Sandal paste, 7 mm Sphatik Mala of 108+1 beads and Shree Gayatri Bisa Yantra Locket in high-quality pure copper. All these items are carefully packed in an attractive box which can later be used for storing these items properly. One can also consider it as a gifting option for friends, family, or near ones who believe in worship rituals and Hindu spirituality. The Yantras in this Kit hold spiritual significance and the sacred powers of respective deities. They are potent enough to remove obstacles from the path of success and bring bliss to the sadhaks/worshippers. It is an energized Spiritual Yantra Kit which makes it more effective than the normal ones. To make sure that our customers get the best results, we provide energized Yantra Kits with accurate Yantra diagrams made of durable material. It is an auspicious Kit with all the Yantras for drawing love, joy, protection from evil spirits, and contentment.

Spiritual Yantra Kit Benefits

  • It bestows concentration and self-awareness
  • It gives the ability to focus and meditate
  • It brings satisfaction and tranquillity to the sadhaks/worshippers
  • It helps connect with your Higher Self and consciousness
  • It allows the sadhaks/worshippers to progress on the path of spirituality
  • It brings spiritual enlightenment and positive energies
  • It gives blessings of happiness, peace, and spiritual growth
  • It enlivens the sadhaks/worshippers from within
  • It brings the divine grace of various deities that are worshipped through the Yantra
  • It forms a protective shield around the sadhaks/worshippers to keep him/her safe from negative influences and evil eyes
  • It is helpful in seeking the blessings of health and protection from diseases

Spiritual Yantra Kit Uses

Spiritual Yantra Kit is created for the complete well-being of the sadhaks/worshippers. The Yantras in it are to be worshipped by placing it on the puja altar. It also has Mala for meditation and mantra chanting to pray and connect with the deities. The Yantra Lockets are to be worn to imbibe the amazing benefits of the Yantra inscribed on it. Alternatively, the locket can also be kept in your wallet or purse if you are unable to wear it.

Why buy an Energized Spiritual Yantra Kit?

The Spiritual Yantra Kit has energized Yantras, Mala, and Locket for the purpose of obtaining maximum benefits out of it. We sell energized spiritual items which enable the sadhaks/worshippers to tap its 100% potential of giving effective results. The process of energizing the Yantras and other items through mantra chanting as per Vedic rituals is done by our well-versed Pundits. An energized Spiritual Yantra Kit is more helpful as compared to non-energized products.

Placement of Yantras, Malas, and Lockets

The Yantras are compact in size and can be placed in your puja altar, living room, study table, or office cabin. They can also be kept in your pocket/ wallet/handbag or purse to stay protected from negative energies and their bad effects. Malas are used for mantra chanting so they can be also kept in a safe place like a puja altar and Yantra Lockets are to be worn around your neck. They have spiritual energies of the ruling deity need to be handled with care, so the Yantras should be wiped with a dry cloth preferably every alternate day to ensure that they are clean.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the one-stop solution to all the spiritual needs, as we have the largest ever collection of Rudraksha beads, natural gemstones, fresh items for daily puja, idols of Gods and Goddesses, Yantras, Yantra Lockets, and more. We have exclusively made Spiritual Yantra Kits for seeking the blessings of the prime deities in Hinduism and being successful in all endeavors. You can consult our experts on-call or live chat if you face any difficulties while selecting a product or purchasing. We are delivering across the world so get yourself a Spiritual Yantra Kit today. The wonderful kits can also be great as a gift or present for your loved ones on auspicious occasions, events, or ceremonies. Buy Spiritual Yantra Kit online and offline too from our Rudra Centre store.

Spiritual Yantra Kit Price

The price of the Spiritual Yantra Kit may fluctuate as per the contents included in the kit. Different items have different rates and that can affect the final price of the Yantra Kit as well.