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Tirupati Balaji -Venkateswara

In every Yuga Lord Vishnu takes various forms to help His devotees attain salvation and to uplift the worshippers. In the Kaliyuga he took the form of Lord Venkateswara, fondly known as Balaji. It has also been learnt through the Shastras, Sthala Mahatyams, Alwar hymns and Shastras that Lord Balaji resided at Tirupati, making the sacred temple of Tirupati Balaji a world famous place of pilgrimage. If you bear the desire of attaining purity and cleansing yourself to relive of all the karmas in the Kaliyuga, praising Tirupati Balaji can be the right path. This worship is made easy with the availability of special Tirupati Balaji pendants by Rudra Centre.

The Tirupati Balaji lockets are a divinely spiritual way to stay connected to the Lord by keeping it near your heart all the time. The wearer is sure to find positive energy in all wakes of life and attain good health and wealth in every venture partaken. To preserve the exquisite image of the Lord, the pendants are available in wider range not only in terms of the materials used to make it but also in the price range. The Tirupati Balaji brass locket is a sturdy piece of pendant that can be simply worn around the neck using a red or black thread.

There is also a choice of getting these divine lockets in silver or in gold. The silver used to make the locket is of the finest quality that is available, and the gold lockets are carved from pure 24 carat gold. In addition to being available in brass, silver and gold, they are also crafted in different design options, ranging from having the Lord’s face as the pendant or the entire image of Lord beautifully embedded in it. Keep these divine mementoes close to your heart always so that you feel one with the Lord.