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Vaijayanti Mala:

The Vaijayanti mala refers to a theological flower which is offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. The literal meaning of Vaijayanti Mala is ‘The garland of victory’. Vaijayanti-mala finds its mention in the Vishnu Sahasranama as the as vanamali (forest flowers). Vishnu sahasranama is a stotra dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the Mahabharata. Many plants are mistaken for Vaijayanti. The original Vaijayanti plant appears like long grass and unless this plant starts growing seeds in its flowers it is really difficult to identify this plant. The seeds of the Vaijanti have a polished finish and have a natural hole in the centre. The Vaijanti seeds are white in colour and are found only in the forest of Braj around Mathura (the land of Lord Shree Krishna). The Vaijayanti mala cab be used to appease Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu and thus is said to be the best mala to recite their Mantras. Vaijanti Mala is also called rosary of victory. It is used to attain spiritual powers. Meditating or chanting mantras over the Vaijayanti mala makes your mind calm and takes you on the path of spirituality.

Vaijayani Mala Benefits:

  • ● It balances all kind of Doshas in your kundali.
  • ● Promotes harmony and brings faith in your life.
  • ● Wards off all kinds of negative energies
  • ● Uplifts spirituality
  • ● Attracts prosperity, bliss, glory, success and positivity
  • ● It removes some effects of the Doshas in your natal chart.
  • ● Helps to awaken your Kundalini.
  • ● It helps to strengthen will power.