Vaijayanti mala - White


INR 300


As per ancient texts Krishna made a mala for Radha out of these seeds, as did Ram for Sita. Vishnu gave this mala to Skanda at his installation as commander-in-chief for increasing his strength. Vaijanti seed comes from the forests of Braj where the god and goddess eternally make love.

  • It has common faith amongst the people that wearer of this vaijyanti mala by no means looses anything in life, so it is also called rosary of victory.
  • It is used for Vashikaran, Attraction and Devi Siddhi.
  • It balances all doshas.

  • No. of beads: 108 + 1
    Bead size: 7 mm (W) x 9 mm (H)
    Length: 44 inches

    Design- Made in thread with knots between each bead and sumeru bead with tassel.

    Mantra: Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya