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PRODUCTS FOR Yantra For Personal, Professional Success

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

  • We are a credited ISO 9001:2008 certified organization in the world.
  • Yantras have accurate, complete and clear diagrams and geometry, based on research of ancient texts.
  • Complete and perfect etching is done on pure metals or gemstones.
  • We inform the correct position & installation process of Yantra to get 100% results.
  • We use pure 22 carat gold plating or antique finish on thick copper or panchdhatu sheet or silver for metal yantras.
  • Yantras are exclusively energized and activated with beej mantra in accordance with the Yantric rites by qualified Brahmins.
  • We have a large variety of Yantras including 3 dimensional Yantras, Desktop Yantras, Chowki Yantras, Pendant Yantras, Yantras on gemstones/silk/metals, Pocket Yantras and more that suit modern tastes.
  • The exclusive range of Maha Yantras combine divine energies of different Yantras for getting powerful and quick results.
  • Yantras come in customised silk or jute packaging and Yantra booklet.
  • Quality check is performed on every product from inception to dispatch under strict parameters to maintain high quality standards.
  • We offer excellent customer service with team of around 90 people in the Head Office including Client Coordination team, Skilled artisans, Store Department and Dispatch team. All queries and concerns of the clients are promptly addressed.

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About Yantra For Personal, Professional Success

Buy Yantras For Job, Promotion, and Success in Interview or Job Change:

Today the most important aspect of life is to have a stable source of earning especially job. Everyone starts their career with a job. Even those born in the affluent business families take up jobs in order to learn the ground works so that they can manage things well when at the helm of their organization. Rudra Center offers a variety of energized Yantras meant for success in the major aspects of life such as job and career.

How do these Yantras work?

A Yantra is designed to obtain a particular result e.g. to have a positive outlook, to build wealth, to have a stable job or to enhance one's performance at work etc. A Yantra features the diagrams such as circles, triangles, squares that represent cosmic energies. It works on the concept of shape energy or form energy that unleashes a particular frequency and energy pattern. Examples of such concepts (shape energy) are the Star of David, the five pointed star (pentagon), the Christian cross, and the pyramids and so on.

When you worship or meditate on a Yantra, your mind gets attuned by RESONANCE to the particular form energy from that Yantra. For instance, if you meditate or concentrate on a Saraswati Yantra and chant its seed mantra, you mind on its own becomes inclined to attracting the energy from the sacred numbers and geometry inscribed on it. These numbers and geometry act as gravity that attracts anything that comes in its contact. As a result, your mind tends to attract or learn new things around you. And learning is intimately associated with Goddess Saraswati.

Based on this concept of form energy and gravity, you can attract financial stability or career success, stability with the help of a Yantra meant for that particular purpose.

Rudra Centre offers Yantras for career success, stable job or promotion/transfer in sizes ranging from 3 inch to 5 inch. These Yantras are energized with beeja mantras (seed mantra).

Following are the Yantras particularly created for career success and stability in job.

Yantras For Job, Success and Career With Types And Benefits:

Shree Karya Siddhi Yantra: Fulfillment of Desires, ensuring wellbeing and success in almost every aspect of life. Best for those seeking to achieve excellence or promotion at the current workplace.

Manokamna Siddhi Laxmi Yantra: Attracts Abundance, wearer becomes lucky, brings desirable outcome. Best for those seeking to build wealth or increase the sources of their income. It can also be used by those who seeking to move on (from the current job) and start something on their own.

Rog Nivaran Yantra: Wearer becomes free from fatal diseases and becomes courageous and healthy. Best for those seeking to keep fit and fine.

Lagna Yog Yantra: Increases the chances of getting married, removes any karmic blockages. Best for those facing the delays in their marriages.

Shree Siddh Surya Yantra: Overcome difficulties, cure diseases. Best for the one seeking to overcome professional and financial obstacles as well as various ailments.

Lucky Bracelet: Brings good luck to the wearer. Best for those who frequently miss opportunities in their life.

Shree Vashikaran Yantra: Concentrates the energy of mind wave to attract the person of your dreams.

Manokamna Prapti Yantra: Changes ones luck for better, brings about desirable outcomes. Best for the one seeks to fulfill their innermost unfulfilled desire.