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Importance Of Yantras

Yantras are placed to bring positivity in and around your home or office, empower you with energy and give the desired results accordingly. Rudra Centre offers wide range of 3 inch to 5 inches nicely etched Yantras. Yantras at Rudra Centre are arranged on thick metal plating with fine etching; we use high quality gold/copper or metal plating ™s. These yantras are energized with mantras and hence they can be used as substitutes of Mantras. Yantras can be placed in sacred altar or used as frame in your home/work place or a living room. Below is the list of our various types of yantras, ranging from 3 inch to 5 inch yantras:-

Laxmi and Kubera yantras (for prosperity):- Laxmi and Kubera yantras will bless you with abundance of wealth. These yantras will help one to prosper in their business or career.

Ganesh Yantra: - Ganesh yantra helps to achieve the long pending goals. The powerful radiations of Ganesh yantra helps to remove obstacles and hindrances that block success.

Shree Yantra: - Shree Yantra is one of the most powerful mantra to fulfil all your desires. These yantra helps you to walk on paths of success and peace.

Shiv Yantra: - Shiv yantras will help to attain power and live a long healthy life.

Planetary Yantras: - Planetary yantras help to pacify any adverse effects of planets in your natal chart. Every planet will support you to yield maximum benefits by use of this yantra. Before dispatching we ensure that all yantras are energized.

Vastu Yantras: - if any obstacle at your home, Vastu yantras will remove these obstacles. Obstacles meant tensions, fights or any such incidents taking place. Vastu yantras will ease your life.

Knowledge Yantras:- Knowledge Yantras are highly beneficial for kids. These yantras help children to gain right knowledge and focus on their career and studies.

Protection Yantras: - Protection yantras safeguard one from any danger in and around your home.

Durga and DusMahavidya Yantras:- Dus Mahavidya mantras are energized by mantras of goddess Shakti i.e. Power.

Love, Health & Success Yantras: - Love, health and success yantras will benefit you by energizing your love life along with good health.

Sai Yantras: - Sai Yantras are powerful yantras; these yantras help one to bring more faith and patience.

This was about all about 3 inch to 5 inch yantras, which one may buy to achieve success and peace. One may buy energized yantras online via Rudra Centre.