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About Yantras on Silk

What is a Yantra

Yantras are sacred geometry infused with the divine energies of the deities. The word ‘Yantra’ in Sanskrit means the tool, a tool that has the chants with the power to awaken one's energy when it is placed anywhere in the environment around. Artistically and symmetrically designed containing circles, triangles, squares, and floral patterns with each symbol and figure having deep powers associated. Each Yantra is associated with either a Deity, planet, or mantra and serves a specific purpose.

Various Yantras can be used for different purposes like attracting prosperity, love, abundance, opportunities, enhancing the quality of life, peace, improved learning, success, career advancement, healing, protection from negative influences, pacifying a Dosha in the natal chart, relief from health issues, achieving desired goals, removal of obstacles in life, improving life, spiritual progress and happiness.

How to use Yantras

Yantra is a visual representation of Vedic mantras. So, if one is unable to chant the mantras in a proper manner then Yantra representing the mantra should be installed. Yantra works in resonance with energies of the mantra, it is believed to be so powerful that by merely installing it, one can feel an energy upgrade, attract material gains, etc.

An object of veneration: Yantra is the medium through which a sadhak/worshipper connects with the specific deity energy. These geometric figures in ascending patterns represent the steps that lead to the center of yantra for the convergence of the individual soul with the creative/divine energy force.

An object of Meditation: Meditating upon the design of yantra and chanting the associated mantra brings an energy upgrade, manifests desires, and enhances the power of concentration.

A Vastu enhancer: The geometry of Yantra connects with cosmic energies and reverberates the energies in the surrounding. This energy cleanses the environment, charges it with positivity, and dispels negative energies.

How do Yantras work

The yantra power does not come from it but from the Universe/Cosmos. So, the power of Yantra depends on the reverberation of cosmic energies. When all the attention is focused on the center, the supreme and pure Divine energy of yantra gets amplified through the power of resonance of the mantra naturally embedded in it. And the vibrations generated helps the worshipper connect with highly elevated energies which help him/her to walk his/her path which is resonant with qualities and achievements of the principles of Deity governing the Yantra, leading to the manifestation of his/her desire, and also creates a positive aura around him/her. A Yantra can offer results very quickly if the karma potential is ripe. While for some it might take a long period of time to show results, which is again dependent on one’s karmic balance and intensity of intention. Regularly meditating upon the Yantra and chanting the associated mantra helps reap quick results.

Meditating upon the Yantra

Meditation is a way of separating yourself from your mind, thoughts, and emotions and observing your feelings and thoughts with Sakshi Bhaav or witness. It helps one rise above the turmoil and chaos of his/her life and sees things with a clear and neutral perspective to resolve issues of life and align with your higher self. Yantras probably are one of the easiest tools one can use for meditation. To meditate upon the Yantra, you simply have to focus your gaze on one geometric step like Padma, Chakra, or Bindu or triangle at a time. The symbols of Yantra hold deeper significance like the downward-facing Trikon (triangle) signifies absolute female energy of the divine and Trikon facing upwards signifies absolute male energy. Shatkon (star) signifies the unification of both energies. Chakra (circle) signifies perfection, square signifies physical self, Padma (Lotus petals) signifies detachment. You begin by focusing your gaze at the center which represents the union of worshippers with the creative energy governing the Yantra. Then you slowly expand your gaze to focus on the next geometric symbol, till you cover the outmost perimeter of the Yantra. Then close your mind and sit in silence for some time. You will feel your awareness being drawn inwards and immersing in pure consciousness.

Purpose of different Yantras

  • Each yantra provides benefits as the specific creative energy associated with it.
  • For wealth, abundance, and new opportunities of income: Mahalaxmi, Shree Yantra, and Kuber Yantra
  • For knowledge, wisdom, and academic success: Ganesh, Saraswati, and Gayatri Yantra
  • For Spiritual sadhana and awakening: Gayatri and Shiv Yantra
  • For protection from negative influences: Hanuman, Mahakali, Pratyangira, Mahasudarshan and Shiva Yantra
  • For strength, courage, and victory: Hanuman, Durga, and Mahakali Yantra
  • For relief from negativity: Mahasudarshan and Pratyangira Yantra
  • For finding a suitable match and success in love: Katyayni and Kamdev Yantra
  • For success in lawsuits and legal matters: Baglamukhi Yantra
  • For good health and longevity: Mahamrityunjaya Yantra
  • For bliss and success in all realms: Ganesh, Shri Yantra, Krishna, and Vishnu Yantra
  • For progeny: Santan Gopal Yantra

Placement of the silk Yantras

The placement of a Yantra in the right direction is very important as it helps give optimum benefits associated with the yantra. The East direction of the home is considered the best location for placing the yantra. The rays of the rising Sun energizes the east corner and the divine vibrations from the yantra when placed in this corner provide positive transforming energies to the house and its members. So Yantra is ideal to place in the East direction facing the west. If you cannot place the silk Yantra in this corner, then it can also be placed on a desk or near the entrance, or on a study/work desk, or used as a wall hanging.

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre constantly strives to provide the finest quality spiritual and healing products to enable the possibilities of achieving material manifestation and spiritual heading. Over the past two decades, we have earned a clientele of satisfied customers across the world. We have crafted an exquisite range of yantras printed on pure silk cloth and enclosed in beautiful pearl white-toned frames. These yantras on silk with frames are exclusively made to radiate the divine energies of yantra into space while adding a touch of elegance to your décor. These yantras on silk in vibrant colours emphasizing each aspect of the sacred geometry are designed after study of their construction in ancient authentic texts.