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About Yoni Base without lingam

About Yoni Base For Shivling

The Shivling is a representation of Lord Shiva's formless self and is worshipped with reverence by His devotees by performing Abhishekham. The Shivling or Shivalinga is primarily made of two parts, the Yoni and the Lingam. The Yoni base or Shiva Lingam base, on which the elliptical/oval, pillar-shaped Lingam or Linga is mounted is denoted Goddess Shakti and the Lingam denotes Lord Shiva. The Sanskrit term, Yoni, means womb. The union of Shakti (Divine Female) and Shiva (Divine Male) in the Shivling is the point of creation of all that exists. Therefore, the Yoni base is the female, and Lingam the male.

To further explain, the Yoni base for Shivling is that place from where the Abhishekham liquid flows out. The Shivling or Lingam is always placed on the Yoni base, to worship, whether in temples or at home. The Shiva Lingam base and the Lingam can be made of different materials.

For the purpose of installing Shivling at home or office space, Yoni base without Shivling is available made of various Gemstones, Marble, and metals, like, Brass Yoni base, German Silver, etc. On this stone Yoni base, a Lingam of Gemstone, Narmada Lingam is mounted and worshipped. The metal Shivling base usually comes with the hooded snake, which coils around the Lingam. Usually, the metal Yoni base comes with a circular elevation in the middle of it on which the Lingam of a suitable size can be mounted.

Yoni Base for Shivling Price

The Shivling base price depends on what material it is made of, size/weight, in the case of Gemstone Yoni base, the quality of the Gemstone is also considered. The metal Yoni bases often have light or heavy carvings on them, which may increase the Shiva Lingam base price.

Where to Buy Yoni Base for Shivling

Rudra Centre offers a collection of various metal and natural Gemstone Shiva Lingam base for worship at your home or workspace. The Shivling bases are in different sizes, are perfectly crafted with a smooth finish. Most metal Yoni bases come with deftly carved hooded Snake with detailed work, making them life-like. You can choose the Yoni base which suits your Puja Alter and the Yoni base buy online with us. We offer the best Shiva Lingam base price for the high quality of the product we have. When you buy Yoni base for Shivling with us, our expert team ensures that it is delivered within a few days to you. Yoni Base without Shivling we have are:-

  • Heavy shinning Brass Yoni Base, with or without the hooded Snake. We have the option of Brass Yoni base which has the different sizes of Lingam holders, which gives you the freedom to place Lingam of different sizes on it. Each piece of Brass Yoni base is styled differently, with some having intricate carving on them, which adds to its beauty.
  • German Silver Yoni Base without Lingam looks gorgeous with the skilled decorative carving on them. The hooded Snake that comes along with it has detailed carving too. The elevation for holding the Lingam is made to hold the Lingam securely in place.
  • The attractive natural Green Jade gemstone Yoni Base with light carving, a hole in the middle of the Yoni shape to hold the Lingam looks Divine. Gemstones possess high vibrations and the Green Jade Shiva Lingam base contributes to the benefits of worshipping the Shivling with its gentle healing energies, including bringing calm, good health, prosperity, longevity, etc. Some of the healing properties of the Green Jade are similar to the benefits of worshipping the Shivling.

Benefits of Shivling Worship

Shivling worship by conducting Abhishekham is a common practice. When you install the Lingam on the Yoni base for Shivling and worship it, you are blessed by the immensely powerful Supreme Lord Shiva.

Worshipping the Shivling with pure intensions ushers peace, calmness, prosperity, protection from all evil and lower energies, unity, fearlessness, new opportunities, spiritual awareness, and growth.

Regular worship and meditating on the Shivling can absolve Karmas and benevolent Lord Shiva helps in attaining Moksha.

Yoni base is the Divine Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva the Lingam, their union is eternal and they exist together forever. Therefore, Shivling worship also brings the Goddess's blessings.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra, and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and gemstones. We are the best place to buy as we sell natural Sandstone Shivling. We believe in efficient services and customers can expect an easy and smooth process, from booking to delivery, when you buy Sandstone Shivling online with us.