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About Yoni Base without lingam

The Yoni whereupon the lingam regularly sits represents the manifest Universal energy. The yoni, which is an image of Shakti, consolidated with the lingam, is a symbol of the eternal union of the paternal and maternal principles, or the positive and negative, or the static and element energies of the Absolute Reality. It is the common union of the endless awareness and element force of the Shakti, the wellspring of all activities and changes. It is additionally the image for the production of the universe through the mix of the dynamic vitality of Lord Shiva and his Shakti. This is the means by which Lord Shiva and Durga are viewed as the folks of the universe.

At Rudra Centre we offer you a wide variety of Yoni base without Lingam in brass and silver and green jade with and without the snake head and Abhishek pot. These yoni bases are finely crafted and of the best quality.