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About God Pictures

Buy God Photos Online:

Rudra Centre offers various pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses with frame online. Vedas elaborately describes mystic as well as physical qualities of all the gods and goddesses. Seeing their beautiful pictures make anyone instantly feel divine from within. A home without the presence of a temple and gods’ pictures is just like a dry well. One’s home should always be filled with the vibrant sound of a shankha in the morning, aartis, worships and prayers offered to the gods.

Hindu God Photos with frame:

We at Rudra Centre offer Hindu deities’ pictures in a variety of frames. Check out the following images and popular frames. Pictures of Shiva: Shiva is "The Auspicious One". He is the creator as well as the destroyer. He creates goodness and destroys evil. Shiva is the greatest of renouncers as well as the ideal lover. He destroys evil and protects the good. He bestows prosperity on worshipers although he is austere. He is omnipresent and resides in everyone as pure consciousness. A perfect piece of divinity to be placed at the altar or can be gifted to your near and dear ones.

Pictures of Vishnu:

The four arms indicate Lord's omnipresence and omnipotence. The two front arms signify the lord's activity in the physical world and the two back arms signify His activity in the spiritual world. The right side of the body represents the creative activities of the mind and the intellect. The left side symbolizes the activities of the heart; that is, love, kindness, and compassion.

Pictures of Ganesh:

Ganesha deity is worshipped for Siddhi (success in undertaking) and buddhi (intelligence). He is the God of education, knowledge, wisdom, literature and the fine arts. His worship removes malefics of planets Mars and Ketu. He is the first God to be worshipped before beginning any religious, spiritual or worldly activity. Pictures of Lord Krishna: Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and adored Gods of Hindu religion. The foremost reason of the glorification and reverence of Lord Krishna is His Bal Leela. Bal Leela depicts various episodes between the periods of His birth till the age of ten. He was very mischievous and found great pleasure in playing pranks on Gopis. He would steal their milk, butter; break their earthen pots to get butter. A perfect Deity photo for your puja altar.

Pictures of Goddess Lakshmi:

Usually depicted sitting on a pink lotus she is always accompanied by elephants throwing water from urns on her as a mark of respect for the goddess who emerged from the churning of the oceans by the gods and demons. The gold coins raining down from one of the right hands of the goddess - depicts that she is giver of wealth to the people.

Pictures of Devi:

Pictures of Devi in Her different forms such as Kali, Durga, Amba, Nava Durga, Mahisasur and more. Shakti, the absolute female energy of Shiva, fights evil forces in Her various forms just to please Her devotees, sages and other celestial personalities.

Pictures of Goddess Saraswati:

Goddess Saraswati is regarded as the giver of wisdom, education, intellect, speech and music. She is also referred as Vak devi (goddess of speech) and Sakala kaladhishtatri (goddess bestowing all the arts). By worshipping Saraswati students perform well in the examinations. Concentration and memory power increases. Only good thoughts spring up their minds.

Pictures of Lord Hanuman:

The image is enclosed inside the frame with ornately designed sides, keeping it safe and secure. Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection. Hanuman is described to be one for whom nothing is impossible and the embodiment of faith, devotion, fearlessness, self-confidence, and loyalty.

Pictures of Sai Baba:

Omniscient Sri Sai Baba is the living spiritual force behind many lives that lived, acted and behaved as only a "God descended on Earth" can. He came to serve mankind, to free them from the clutches of fear.