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About Hanuman pictures

What are Hanuman Pictures?

Lord Hanuman is revered and worshipped by devotees all over the world, for His protection and blessings. There are temples of Lord Hanuman all over India, including temples dedicated exclusively to the Lord. The Hanuman ji pictures are coloured images of Lord Hanuman printed on different types of paper which can be framed in your own choice of photo frame and kept in Puja Alter or hung on walls. The Hanumanji pictures are physical representations of Lord Hanuman. Rudra Centre has some of the best Hanuman pictures.

What is the Material of Hanuman Pictures?

The Lord Hanuman pictures are available in ordinary photo paper and in glittering paper, which gives a lovely glitter to the picture, and it is also available in a golden sheet that gives a rich look to the Hanuman picture with a shiny golden background. The pictures are clear, printed digitally and are durable. They are available in different sizes to suit the needs of the devotees. The Hanuman ji pictures portray Lord Hanuman in various ways, like Hanuman ji pictures carrying the Sanjeevani Booty, Lord Hanuman pictures kneeling down with hands raised in blessing posture and other such Lord Hanuman ji pictures.

Hanuman Pictures Benefits

As Lord Hanuman is worshipped, so Hanuman pictures are maintained in Puja Altar or hung on walls or placed over the main entrance door.

  • Hanuman pictures benefit by helping the devotee to connect and align with the energies of the Lord Hanuman.
  • As the pictures are a physical representation of the Lord, having Lord Hanuman pictures at home, office etc., gives continuous visual assurance of His presence and protection.
  • Seeing Hanuman ji pictures while praying makes the devotee feel that the prayers are being heard and conveyed.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman, blesses the devotee with His indomitable all round protection, power, physical and mental strength, fearlessness, victory over challenges, bravery, good health, spiritual growth and many other such. He heals diseases and ailments and teaches to be a devout devotee (as He was to Shri Ram), and to stay in God's service.

How to use Hanuman Pictures?

Lord Hanuman is very popular and worshipped by devotees with faith and trust in His protective powers. These are some suggestions of using the Hanuman pictures.

  • The Lord Hanuman ji pictures can be framed and kept in the Puja Altar at home or office for worshipping.
  • It can be framed and hung on the wall in Pooja room or living room.
  • The Panchmukhi Hanuman picture can be placed on top of the entrance of the house for protection of the house/off and inmates.
  • The Lord Hanuman pictures are great as spiritual gifts for loved ones.
  • The Hanuman ji photo frames can be hung in shops, showrooms, private clinics, etc.
  • Hanuman pictures can adorn the walls of gymnasiums, fitness centres, as Lord Hanuman helps in maintaining a fit and healthy body.
  • Indian wrestlers are ardent devotees of Lord Hanuman and traditional training centres usually have Hanuman ji pictures and idols. So, these Lord Hanuman pictures are apt for such training centres.
  • The presence of the Hanuman pictures makes the atmosphere holy.

Where can I buy Hanuman Pictures?

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of outstanding Lord Hanuman Pictures, on photo paper, Glittering paper and Golden Sheet. The Hanuman ji pictures are digitally printed to ensure that they are clear and neat. Our collection includes pictures like Lord Hanuman tearing His chest to show Lord Ram and Sita Devi images in His chest. Lord Hanuman meditating on Lord Ram and Sita, the majestic Panchmukhi Hanuman and other admirable pictures of valiant Lord Hanuman. The pictures are available in different sizes for your convenience and are irresistible for the devotees. The Hanuman ji pictures are carefully selected giving priority to the image, expression and quality so that you get the most Divine picture of Lord Hanuman. The option of buying the Hanuman pictures with an ornate Wooden photo frame is also available with us. When you choose your Lord Hanuman pictures online with us, our efficient services deliver your order within a few days at your doorstep, safely packed.

Hanuman Pictures in our collection are:

1) Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani Booty - A picture which is very popular and is an example of Lord Hanuman's dedicated service for Lord Ram. The Sanjeevani Booty brought back Laxman ji to life. This picture denotes protection. 2) Lord Hanuman kneeling down with His right hand raised in the blessing Mudra. 3) Lord Hanuman sitting comfortably, with closed eyes singing Bhajans, with Lord Ram. 4) Lord Bajrangbali showing the presence of Lord Ram and Sita Devi in Him by tearing open His chest with His hands. 5) Panchmukhi Hanuman, which is placed on top of the main entrance to ward off all evil, negative energies. 6) Lord Ram Bhakt Hanuman Photo - Lord Hanuman is seen sitting in a serene mode, meditating on Lord Ram and Sita devi.

Why should you buy Hanuman Picture from Rudra Centre?

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