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Book Hindu Puja Online For Various Benefits From Rudra Centre

We at Rudra Centre offer Hindu Puja services online wherein the Pujas are conducted at our own temple installed in our office premises in Mumbai under a team of well-versed, karmakandi priests. All the pujas that you book or buy online are executed as per the instructions given in the ancient Vedic scriptures.

What is the significance of Hindu Pujas? What are the benefits of online Puja services?

The Vedic scriptures mention that a Vedic ritual or Puja is connecting with the deity being worshiped for a purpose (wish fulfillment) through invocations and various mantras. The sacred act of performing pujas under an able Brahmin or priest helps you attract positiveness, gain self-confidence, wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Online Puja Services:

  • Location Advantage: You can book a Puja online at a click from any part of the world. You may be in the USA, the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan or any part of the world. We gift you an advantage of doing a Vedic puja.
  • Taking Sankalpa made easy: A Hindu (Vedic) Puja is performed for a wish, desire or purpose called Sankalpa (wish expressed). For instance; your Sankalpa could be ‘Getting a Better Job’, ‘Resolving Family Issues’ or ‘Doubling Your Current Business’ etc. With the online Hindu puja services, you just need to share your Sankalpa which will be expressed by our qualified priests from Shivkashi Temple in front of the deity and accordingly the entire puja will be performed.You may phone the Pundits for hearing your Sankalpa (wish being taken) over Skype and would receive blessed Prasad and photographs/ DVD of the worship ritual.
  • Convenience: This is the biggest advantage of online puja services. You get an elaborate Vedic puja done at the most convenience or from the comfort of your home. Plust You need not to buy Puja ingredients separately. Everything right from getting a qualified priest to Puja samagri to collecting the list of essentials to preparations of the Naivedhya to prasadam to finding an auspicious date, day and time and so on is taken care of by our team.

Online Service For Popular Pujas From Rudra Centre:

  • Shiva Pujas: We perform all the pujas associated with Lord Shiva and His festivals such as Shravan Sawan Somvar Vrat Katha, Shiva Gayatri Siddhi Mantra Japa and Yajna, Shiv Shakti Maha Puja etc.
  • Goddess Durga Pujas: We have pujas dedicated to Goddess Durga such as Durga Pooja at Durga Mata Mandir, Nav Durga Maha Pujan etc. Pujas for Success: We have a number of pujas for success in career, job, profession, business or any aspect of your life.
  • Pujas for Dus Mahavidya: We have these Pujas dedicated to the Nine forms of Goddess Durga such as Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidhatri
  • Pujas For Planets: We perform Poojas for nullifying planetary doshas in your kundali. Also we hava Navagraha Pujas where in all the nine planets are pacified with select mantras and offerings.
  • Pujas For Festivals: We have pujas for different festivals in India such as Holi, Maha Shivratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Janmashatami, Dusshera, Diwali and so.
  • Pujas For Health Protection: We perform various Pujas for health and protection such as pujas for eyesight, Dhanvantri Puja for overall health, Narasimha Puja for protection against accidents and ailments.

Rudra Centre, an online store of the Rudraksha Ratna group, brings you powerful spiritual, energized products and Puja services from across the world. We offer New Year Pujas, festival Pujas, purpose wise pujas exclusively for your personal and professional growth. These pujas are performed by our experienced Brahmins as per ancient scriptures.