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What are Katha, Paath and Sahasranama

Katha, Paath and Sahasranama are ways to remember the Lord in various forms. Let us delve deep into each of them to have a clear understanding of what a Katha, Paath and Sahasranama mean. Katha also known as Kathya is a traditional Indian method of reading out stories or chapters from the Holy ancient texts, Scriptures like Puranas, Vedas, Ramayana and the like. Katha is an age-old ritual of storytelling. Generally, the stories from the Holy books are read by the Pundits (sages) or by a Guru or by a katha vachak (reader) to a group of people attending the event. Kathas are read to instill values and give moral lessons. Kathas are organized at home or a small gathering place where a group of people belonging to same ethnicity gather and listen to the Kathas. Similarly, an event where short stories are read are known as the ‘Vrat Katha’. Paath and Sahasranama refers to chanting mantras, shlokas and hymns of deities.

If you want to book any Katha, Paath and Sahasranama Archana or online katha, browse through our range of Vrat Katha, Path and Sahasranama stotra and book the one you wish to. All the Katha, Paath and Sahasranama are performed by our in-house pundits who are highly experienced and who hold in-depth knowledge about the same. All our pundits are from kashi gurukul system.

Benefits of Katha, Paath and Sahasranama Pujas

The Katha, Paath and Sahasranama are powerful ways to remember the divine and to feel at peace. Listed below are few of the many benefits, the Katha, Paath and Saharanama offers.

  • It enhances wisdom.
  • It makes one inclined to learn and get education.
  • Invites wealth.
  • It helps in fulfilling wishes.
  • Offers good health.
  • Offers relief from skin ailments.
  • Helps to keep diseases at bay.
  • Helps to remove obstacles which create hurdles in the path of success.
  • Helps to attain blessings of Lord Surya.
  • Offers name, recognition, and respect.
  • Helps to spread positivity and harmony in the entire house.
  • Opens door for new opportunities and makes one prosperous.
  • Attracts wealth and offers abundance.
  • Helps to calm the wavering mind.
  • Helps to attain blessings of Lord Hanuman.
  • Helps to attain overall wellbeing.
  • Helps to remove planetary doshas.
  • Help to overcome vices such as greed, anger, ego, lust and expectations.
  • Offers abundance and materialistic comforts.
  • Offers stability in personal and professional life.
  • Helps in enjoying the benefic blessings of Lord Shani.
  • ffers enhanced wisdom.
  • Safeguards from negative energies and evil schemes.
  • Helps to attain blessings of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.
  • Helps to attain blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • Participating and organizing Paath, vrat Katha, Sahasranama makes one elevate spiritually.
  • Helps to lead a blissful married life.
  • Offers relief from ailment like Diabetes and other ailments.
  • Helps the devotee to get the desired life partner.

If you want to do an online Katha, Paath or Sahasranama book it from Rudra Centre at the best price. Our in-house scholarly pundits read out the Kathas and perform Paath and Sahasranama on your behalf. Experience the benefits these Holy rituals offer and live a blissful life.

Various Katha, Paath and Sahasranama from Rudra Centre Puja Services

There are various Katha, Paath and Sahasranama that we at Rudra Centre offer. Katha refers to the traditional ways of narrating the episodes given in the ancient Holy Scriptures and books. Katha is narrated to teach morals, values and to make one aware about the history of the deities. It also, teaches one to lead a virtuous life and the benefits of living righteous. Paath and Sahasranama on the other hand are chanting of Vedic mantras, hymns, and shlokas. Katha, Paath and Sahasranama are ways to introduce our tradition and to reinforce the core values and morals our deities and religion teaches us. We still organize Paath, Katha and Sahasranama as it is known to invite positivity and fill the dwelling with cheerful and divine energies.

You can book any of the below given Katha, Paath or Sahasranama from us at the best price and experience the benefits you receive.

  • Budhwar Vrat Katha - for Mercury
  • Pradosh Vrat Katha
  • Ravivar Vrat Katha - for Sun
  • Shukra Var Vrat Katha - for Venus
  • Mangalvar Vrat Katha - for Hanuman
  • Hanuman Chalisa path
  • Satyanarayan Katha
  • hanivar Vrat Katha - for Saturn
  • Somvar Vrat Katha
  • Ekadashi Vrat Katha
  • Brihaspati Var Vrat Katha - for Jupiter
  • Lalita Sahasranamam
  • Deepavali - Diwali Katha
  • Akhand Srimad Bhagawad Gita Katha Paath
  • Shree Purusha Sukta Recitation and Yagna
  • Ganapati Atharvashirsha Paath
  • Sundarkand Paath
  • Sri Suktam Paath
  • Srimad Bhagavat Katha Saptah
  • Akhand Ramayana Path
  • Rig Veda Yajna

Book Katha, Paath and Sahasranama Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre Puja Services

You can book online Katha, Sahasranama Stotra, Sahasranama Archana, Vrat Katha, and Paath from Rudra Centre at the best price. We offer a wide range of Katha, Paath and Sahasranama services online in Vedic manner. All the Katha, Paath and Sahasranama are performed by our in-house experiences and scholarly pundits who are from Kashi Gurukul. All these services are performed in our energized and blessed temple which is built in our office premises. We perform these divine services on behalf of our clientele and offer the facility to view the puja live online through Skype.

We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Rudrakshas and Gemstones. We offer these services at the best market price, and we perform the vidhi on a grand scale. As you can view the online Katha, Paath, and Sahasranama being performed, you can feel the divinity, get engrossed in the ritual and feel the positive vibe. We are one of the pioneers who deal into supplying authentic, natural, and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across globe.

We are also renowned for offering a wide range of authentic Vedic services like performing pujas, Katha Vrat, Paath and Sahasranama. With more than 20,000 happy clientele all over the world, our family of clients is growing each day. We offer genuine and quality products and apt customer service which helps us to be the market leaders.

Absorb the positivity and attract abundance in your life by booking an online Katha, Paath and Sahasranama from us at Rudra Centre.