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About Maha Yantras

Maha Yantra and Yantra Kits

Only at Rudra centre, you will find Maha Yantra and Yantra kits designed in a very auspicious way. These Maha Yantra and Yantra Kits can either be beneficial for you in various ways or can be gifted for your loved ones. Find below list of various Mahayantras :-

Navgraha Mahayantra: - Navgraha Yantra is a mixture of all the nine planets and is alienated into nine squares, and every single yantra is with a talisman signifying one planet. It is believed that by worshipping this Yantra, all nine planets gets energized and nullifies their negative vibes or other malefic effects.

Shri Sarva Siddhi Maha Yantra: - Shri Sarva Siddhi Maha Yantra is a powerful Yantra for fulfilling of all the desires and objectives of a person. Sarva refers to all Siddhi refers to fulfilment.

Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha Yantra: - Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha Yantra, this yantra is combination of 4 yantras and it is one of the most powerful Yantra to be placed in your homes or offices, etc.

Raksha Kavach Maha Mantra: - Raksha Kavach Maha Mantra offers one with blessings and overall protection from all deities and destroys negativity.

GyanVriddhi Vidya Prapti Maha Yantra: - GyanVriddhi Vidya Prapti Maha Yantra is beneficial for students and for students who lack concentration or are weak in studies and want to pursue knowledge.

Vastu Maha Yantram:- Vastu Maha Yantram removes all sorts of hindrances blocking your success. It gives peace to your home. Be assured of positive vibrations, as this Yantra, keeps negativity at bay.

Vashikaran Maha Yantram:- Vashikaran Maha Yantram, this Yantra is so powerful that its holder gets mesmerizing hypnotic attraction (power of Vashikaran) and magnetism.

Sarva Rog NIvaran Maha Yantra:- Sarva Rog NIvaran Maha Yantra, this Yantra is beneficial for all those who want to get rid of all diseases and want to lead a happy contented life.

Sarva Karya Siddhi Maha Yantra: - Sarva Karya Siddhi Maha Yantra refers to fulfilments of all desires. This is one of the best yantra to fulfil your innermost desires.

Dus Mahavidya Yantra:- Dus Mahavidhya Yantra denotes to 10 heavenly incarnation of Goddess Mother. Dus Mahavidya Yantra gives overall security from all types of accidents, black magic and so on.

Shree Maha Yantram: - Shree Maha Yantram is one of the most popular as well powerful yantras. It gives abundant wealth and success.

Yantra Kits: - If you are planning to gift your loved ones with a enthralling spiritual gift, which will brings loads of success in their life. Then Rudra centre would suggest you to gift them our Yantra Kits. Our Yantra kits are most unique and beneficial.

Vastu energizers: - Vastu energizer, attracts more ways that lead to paths of success.

Golden Sheet Yantra Frames: - Golden Sheet Yantra Frames are specially designed to enfold yourself with positivity.