Makar Sankranti Festival 2015

(A Festival of New Beginnings, New Resolutions and New Commitments)


Makar Sankranti, celebrated on the 2nd week of January (14th January), has a profound spiritual significance and refers to a transitional phase where the Sun transits from the house of Sagittarius to the house of Capricorn. It is the festival of new beginnings, new resolutions and new commitments. It is the festival where you start everything afresh, forgetting the past failures and resolving to initiate new things with more energy.

Makar Sankranti denotes neutralization of illusion by lighting inner glow. Makar Sankranti is also called a festival of thanksgiving. On this day, people appreciate each other, perform Makar Sankranti puja & Homa and pay homage to the Supreme Being for the supporting He extended throughout the year.

This festival gives us a message that we should gradually begin to nurture transparency, knowledge, and awareness, as the sun does from this day and perform our duties without execrating any return. It is considered to be a period of spiritual enlightenment, serenity, opulence and delight followed by a period of ignorance and enormous sorrow.

Mythical Reference :

As per the Puranas, God Sun pays visit to the house of Shani who is the swami of Makar Rashi (Capricorn), on this day. Despite of a conflicting relationship, Lord Sun meets Shani on this day.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu has stopped the ever increasing violence of the demons by killing and burying their heads under a mountain called Mandar Parvat on this day.

Maharaj Bhagirath did meditation to bring Ganga River down to the earth for the salvation of Maharaj Sagar's 60,000 sons. On this day, Bhagirath did the libation with the sacred water of Ganga and liberated them from the curse.

Significance of Till and Jaggery :

Til (Sesame Seed) and jiggery (Molasses) are an essential part of this festival. On this festival, people exchange till ladoos or tillguls (sweets made of Til and Jaggery). Since the seeds of till have a superior capability to attract and emanate Sattva frequencies, eating or distributing tilgul improves spiritual knowledge. When we share sweets made of sesame seeds, we share the Sattvic elements. The essential concept in the exchange of sweets is to disregard the precedent ill-feelings and conflict and decide to create a friendly atmosphere around.

Festival of New beginnings :

People celebrate Makar Sankranti festival in different ways in different parts of the country. People hold a belief that sharing of sweets on this auspicious day will fill their lives with sweetness in the year to come. It's the start of a new beginning where everything will be started anew.


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