Complete Holy Water Kit


INR 1,250


The Complete Holy Water Kit contains Ganga Jal, Narmada Jal, Gulab Jal, Waters from 7 Holy Rivers and Gomutra. This set also contains a beautiful spout pot for Abhishekam of your deity.

The Complete Holy Water Kit contains:
  • Ganga Jal: Ganga Jal is widely used in all Puja ceremonies, Abhishekams and Yajnas. It is believed that Ganga Jal has spiritual power to dispel all diseases, cleanse from sin and to achieve salvation.

  • Narmada Jal: The Narmada River is considered extremely holy. Water from the Narmada river is inevitably used for Puja purposes and for cleaning and purification purposes.

  • Yamuna Jal: The Yamuna River is considered as the second most sacred river of India. The The Yamuna River originates from Yamunotri in the Himalayas. The river Yamuna has a deep association with Indian history since the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana. River Yamuna is considered as Goddess in Hindu culture. Yamuna water is considered as very sacred and is used in various Puja rituals and more. 

  • Gulab Jal: Gulab Jal or Rose water is widely used in different Puja rituals and ceremonies. Rose water also has many medicinal properties; it is used in treating asthma, coughs and hay fever, and in liver congestion and nausea.

  • Waters from 7 Holy Rivers: The bottle contains waters of Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Brahmaputra and Shipra. These are the holy rivers in India and waters from these rivers are widely used in various Puja rituals.

  • Waters from 7 Holy Well: The bottle contains a mixture of waters from 7 different wells, this mixture of water from 7 different wells has different properties and characteristics is used during varied Puja rituals and ceremonies. During Puja rituals and following of various Hindu customs various sacred articles are required and waters from various sources are one of the primary articles which are needed.

  • Gomutra: Gomutra serves as a purification element. It may be sprinkled around the work places, residential areas, and all over the body. It is also essential in abhiseka (bathing) of the deities and yajna (sacrifice) ceremonies.

  • Quantity of Jal: approx. 100 ml each bottle

    Dimension of Neti Patra:
    Height: 2.5 inches
    Weight: 120 gms