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What is a Kantha:

The word Kantha is derived from the Sanskrit word Kantha meaning throat. Kantha is a mala (a string of Rudraksha beads) which is traditionally strung together in wool. Nowadays it is common to strung beads of Kantha in silk thread or pure silver and gold.

Significance of Kantha Mala:

This divine mala of Rudraksha beads helps an individual to get closer to the divine and connects him to the inner Guru (consciousness). These Rudraksha beads comprise of the same mukhis (Faces), so we have 3 mukhi Kantha mala, 5 mukhi Kantha mala, 7 mukhi Kantha mala, 9 mukhi Kantha mala and so on. The most common one is the 5 mukhi kantha mala. The most sought after is the Gauri Shankar Kantha mala. Gauri Shankar beads represent the divine union of Shiva and Shakti and is worn for spiritual elevation. Usually large beads of Nepal origin are used to prepare a Kantha mala. The Kanthas hold the divine vibrations of the ruling deity and the positive energy is circulated through each Rudraksha bead which reaches the Sumeru bead and from there it is passed on to the body of the person wearing it.

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How to string the Rudraksha beads for making a Kantha:

Kanthas have always played an integral role in Hinduism. They hold immense powers. Kantha is a very special and most powerful Mala made of 32 beads of large Rudraksha beads and one extra bead called Sumeru. These beads are strung so that all of them face the same direction and the Sumeru bead faces outwards away from the mala.

Chakra Healing:

A human body comprises of various chakras amongst which, there are seven pivotal chakras. These chakras determine our overall wellbeing. Proper flow of energy to all our body parts and the vital organs is dependent on the appropriate functioning of these seven chakras. Different mukhi beads work on different chakras. So 9 mukhi is a bead of the Sahasrara chakra, 5 mukhi works on Vishudha chakra, while 3 mukhi is the bead of the manipura chakra. Kantha malas of these mukhis is very effective to open these chakras and provide emotional and physical healing.

Benefits of Kantha Mala:

Kantha malas are very powerful in comparison to wearing a single bead of the same mukhi. Different mukhi Kantha malas offer amplified properties of those mukhis.Thus Kantha malas:

  • Uplift spiritually
  • Work on the chakras
  • Help in enlightenment
  • Offer physical health and emotional balance
  • Bring harmony and peace
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  • I bet nobody can beat your customer service

    Dear Neeta, I am extremely happy to receive the powerful siddh mala. Thanks a lot for adding and rearranging 6, 11, 14 and Gauri Shankar rudhraksha to my existing pendant of 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,12,13. And also adjusting the length of the mala. Its perfect. I can't thank enough for the generous gifts, I got more than I expected. Everything looks so beautiful and well packed. I bet nobody can beat your customer service. What I asked for I always got them, I have no complaints at all. I discuss so much about your center with my friends. I used to have sleeping problem and burning of stomach. It read close

    - Geetha
  • Deva Mani

    Dear Mrs Neeta, On Monday I started to wear that wonderful 14 mukhi rudraksha bead what I received from Rudra Center and I experienced its benefits in a short time. I couldn't accomplish my job for many months, because I faced many obstacles, but suddenly everything is working fine. Also the experiences in my meditation became much more subtle and deeper. I felt that something is blocking my progress, but now with the help of this blessed rudraksha my life goes to the right direction again. I think, that wearing a powerful rudraksha is similar than doing a yagya. Many thanks for You and the Ru close

    - July 2006
  • Amazing benefits from Rudraksha

    Having energised the Akarshaya Siddh Mala (with extra 1 Mukhi half-moon) initially, sixty days have now passed. Each of these days, I have worn it in the prescribed manner, and the effects are powerful and noticeable: 1. Complete absence of abdominal pain, suffered previously almost every day for nine years from "ulcer-like" symptoms. 2. Friends are all happier, achieving goals and peace for themselves. 3. Deepening of Realisation that occurred a few months ago. 4. Harmonious interactions with people i meet, and with those close to me - lessening, almost elimination, of interpersonal close

    - S.
  • Rudraksha 15 mukhi and more

    Before discovering and wearing Rudrakshas, my life had come to a complete stop. I couldn't go on studying, I didn't see any perspective and I was full of pessimism, cause I think I had confused Buddhism with nichilism. After three months of Rudraksha and Yantra practice things have completely changed! I cannot really say I am the same I was before! Now I think the world is ok as it is...and probably a big help is that I'm becoming to be much more interested in girls :-)!!! Thanks to all of you from Rudra Centre! All the Best, Marco Corradi Posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club close

    - Marco Corradi
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