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Peridot Stone Meaning, and Properties

The Peridot is a lovely shimmering Olive Green gemstone which comes in only various shades of Green color and is said to glow in the dark if slight light falls on them. The most common one is the Yellowish-Green Peridot gem, though its colors have variations from Olive to dark Green Peridot. Interestingly this natural gemstone is called Olivine gemstone/Peridot, surely borrowing this name from the mineral Olivine which forms it and which has the chemical composition of Magnesium-Iron silicate, with the iron content lending the Peridot gem its Green hue, so the intensity of the Green color increases if there is more iron content. Due to the Green color being very different, this color has been given the name Peridot Green color. Peridot gems with more of a Yellow tinge are called Chrysoberyl. The name Peridot is said to have been derived from the Greek word "Peridona", which roughly means "giving plenty". Also the name Peridot is very similar to the Arabian 'Feridaat' which translated, means 'gem'. Peridot stone in Hindi is called Kalbindu Harit.

Peridot gemstone was first mined in the Topaz Island, now known as Zabargad or St. John's Island in the Egyptian Red Sea. Inspired by the beautiful color the ancient Egyptians used to call Peridot stone "Gem of the Sun". Till date, it is the National gemstone of Egypt. The Burmese Peridot, from Burma is of the finest quality of Peridot gem, Arizona and New Mexico are significant commercial Peridot producers, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Australia and India are other Peridot miners. A rich contemporary source of this Gemstone is the Himalayas. In hardness, it measures 6.5 on Moh's scale.

Unlike other gemstones, this natural stone is formed in the molten rocks much deeper in the Earth's upper mantle and is brought up by volcanic eruptions or tectonic shifts. Hailing from the deeper layers of Earth, Peridot metaphysical properties include regeneration which is an important part of Peridot stone. Though very rarely, Peridot in meteorites is also found and termed pallasite Peridot.

Greenstone Peridot has been made into jewelry and worn since it was first discovered. Natural rough Peridot stone is cut and polished and sold as Peridot cut gemstones. Loose stones are available as Peridot rough stone and Peridot tumbled stone too. These dark green gemstones are considered high-quality stones and are made into jewelry designed for both men and women.

Peridot Birthstone month:

Peridot gemstone is the birthstone of those born in the month of August. Raw Peridot stone is often made into attractive pendants and perfect for the August-born.

Peridot Gemstone products:

Clean cut Peridot gems are available in different sizes to be made into rings and pendants for the Peridot benefits in healing.

  • Peridot faceted bracelets are crafted beautifully with Peridot Green stones.
  • Earrings made of uncut raw Peridot gems in German Silver earrings look simple and attractive.
  • Peridot Mala made of tyre shaped clear Peridot gem beads are good to be worn to take the benefit of Peridot healing properties.

History of Peridot Stone/Gemstone

Ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls record the mining of Peridot as early as 1500 B.C. When Peridot gemstone was first discovered, the Pharaohs of Egypt had ordered execution for anyone who trespassed in the Topazo Island where it was mined. It is said that natural Peridot gemstone was called Topazos/Topaz, initially and was later renamed. The Book of Exodus has described twelve different stones in the High Priest's breastplate which represented the twelve tribes of Israel, this gem is said to be one of them. It was used as talismans for spiritual growth, to ward off evil spirits and set in Gold it was used to protect from nightmares and 'terrors of the night'. Olivine Peridot powder was used to treat Asthma. It is easy to get confused between Emerald gemstone and Peridot stone, so the Green gemstones which the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra famously wore were thought to be Emerald but later it was revealed to be Peridot, which some Historians brought into notice.

Peridot Gemstone/stone in Astrology:

The Cosmic Green color of Peridot stone is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha). It's tied to the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo – and people belonging to these Sun signs are said to benefit the most from this beautiful gemstone. Planet Mercury is the epitome of cleverness, intellect, wit, and humor. Influenced by Mercury, the native becomes a sharp thinker but with an innate anxiety as well as indecisiveness. Those who lack logic, rational thinking, and a positive outlook should wear a Peridot in order to nullify the malefic effects of Mercury.

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Peridot Metaphysical Properties and Peridot Stone Benefits

The Peridot healing properties and metaphysical properties are wonderful and the gemstone is capable of healing emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is used by healers especially in Chakra balancing and healing. It has the capability to regenerate physically and give rejuvenating energies to the mind. Aids in moving ahead in life leaving past wounds behind by healing the ego. Among the Peridot properties, a practical and remarkable point is that this mystical stone can help to find lost or misplaced objects. It is said that by holding the Peridot stone either in hand or some suggest putting it on the forehead to recollect and get back the objects of the material world along with that Peridot stone benefits in the quest to the spiritual journey. Peridot properties have an important contribution to healing relationships, fortifying it, and helps to understand one's purpose in life. It is a stone of abundance, making it popular since ancient times. Peridot stone is blessed with magical powers and helps to manifest the good in life.

Peridot Benefits:

Peridot gem is worn as Rings, Bracelets, Necklace, and Pendants to avail the benefits it offers. When set in Gold, it is said to give maximum beneficial outcomes.

  • Peridot stone balances and heals the heart and emotions.
  • It helps to accept the end of a cycle and welcome new beginnings in any aspect of life, by leaving past trauma behind.
  • This gemstone helps in a smooth transition during change and transformation.
  • It helps to forgive one's own self and the past hurts and acknowledge the blessings of the present, giving the will to positively move ahead with confidence.
  • It helps in healing relationships with compassion and forgiving others.
  • Aids in healing negative emotions like anger, depression, loneliness, regret, jealousy/envy, and urges to step out of the victim mode or self-pity.
  • Alleviates nervousness, anxiety, fear, restlessness, and related emotions.
  • It draws abundant energies of love, money, opportunities, success, and happiness.
  • Peridot benefits those who suffer nightmares to sleep peacefully.
  • This gemstone heals ailments related to the digestive system and brings relief from ulcers in the stomach and duodenum.
  • It enlivens the general health of a person.
  • This gemstone is good in healing Eye problems like nearsightedness and blurry vision.
  • The Peridot gem assists in the child-birth process by reducing the pain during delivery and this is one of the Peridot stone benefits that has been used since olden times.

Wearing Peridot with Rudraksha

Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal makes the use of both Peridot gemstone and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance and energize chakras. In RRST we deal only with natural and un-treated gemstones. The reason Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is widely acclaimed by many is that it works on chakras, the very basis of life and is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within with absolutely no side effects. In RRST setting of a gemstone, as a ring or as a pendant, the bhasm made of the planetary herb is kept inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects is kept in another tube. In the case of Peridot gemstone, Apaamaarg Bhasm and metal Bronze are used to attract the cosmic power of Mercury. The gemstone is then energized with its precise seed mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.

About Anahata (Heart) Chakra

Anahata, the heart chakra, is the seat of compassion, trust and signifies the following of Dharma. It gives us the ability to gain insight into the mentality and character of other beings. With it we are able to feel the warmth and cold emanating from other people. It is a purification station that clears the wine from the drab. Only purity can ascend to the higher centers of the head. All this happens when energy moves upwards through the body. It is the seat of the senses and governs the sense of touch and action of feeling. Thus the heart connects our physical existence with a power that comes from the universe. The purpose of Anahata Chakra is to become open to love and compassion, both to yourself and others around you. The Colour green of this chakra denotes growth and renewal.

When Anahata Chakra is blocked, you fear commitments and feel as if you have to please others to be loved. You mistrust and hurt by others in relationships. You overly guard yourself against being hurt again.

When Anahata Chakra is open, you are comfortable in your relationships, you are able to give and receive love easily. You feel a heartfelt sense of gratitude for how wonderful your life is. You appreciate others and feel compassion for both yourselves and others.

Hence proper functioning of all the chakras ensures appropriate energy flow to all body parts including our vital organs. Thus chakra cleansing and balancing are essential to enjoy good health and happiness which translates to overall abundance and wellbeing in every sphere of life. The purpose of this Chakra is to develop Trust & Forgiveness. Accept but don’t expect.


At Rudra Centre, all the gemstones are pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on the suggested specific right/left-hand finger. Peridot gemstone can be worn on Wednesday, in the morning after bath. If need be, one may additionally chant the seed mantra “YAM” 108 times before wearing.

Who can wear Peridot Gemstone:

  • A person seeking strength and vitality may wear a Peridot gemstone.
  • Also, those who are unable to maintain a relationship may wear it since the stone is associated with the Heart Chakra.
  • It is best for those who desire an open mind, sound sleep, relaxation, and peace of mind.

How to take care of Peridot Gemstone:

To cleanse Peridot gem, wash the ring/pendant by putting it in running water and clean with a soft brush.

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    Hi Neetaji, Dhramadevji I collected my fedex package from the jewel osco near my home. I really appreciate the excellent customer service you have at Rudra Center. I really like my mala (done in silver). My sister's mala looks awesome as well (sphatik + emerald+rudrakhsa). I was really impressed with the packaging that you had done. The bags + the japa mala bag were really great. I have done pooja and have started wearing my mala as well as doing ganesh japa with my custom rosary. pranaam Desikan close

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  • Completely delighted

    Dear Kantiji~ I received the wrist mala and earrings earlier this week and am completely delighted with them both! The energy of both is clearly distinctive and each is unique, fascinating and interesting...Thank you so much for your help! Outstanding work, sister! :-) Blessings to you, Cindy Sulllivan close

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  • I am very much attached with you and your centre

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