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As a step forward towards Rudraksha Therapy rudraksha beads can also be used as a mat for curing various sorts of illness and as an aid in meditation.

The benefits of Rudraksha Mat and Mattress:

  • When unwell, lying on rudraksha mat is amazingly helpful for painful physical parts, mentally soothing.
  • Once a person gets used to if after a few days, the mattress actually feels very comfortable and comforting.
  • The beads also help massage injuries and due to electromagnetic properties and assist in speedy recovery.
  • The rudraksha mattress keeps the body warmth in.
  • The mat for sitting on during meditation is also great. It would take some people a bit of time to get used to sitting on a rudraksha mat when doing asanas. It's most comfortable and just perfect for my needs. It differs from individual to individual of course.
  • In chronic pain or who had undergone major surgery due to severe injuries.
  • Those who are seriously into meditation will find the mat or mattress particularly conducive to their states of minds, being the Witness, rather than the "player".
  • Heightens meditation and helps one focus, stopping the mind's "chatter" that distracts or interrupts the jiva during serious meditation sessions.
  • They can also be used as seats (made in smaller size) for Murtis on altars or sewn onto clothing for deities with upa-ratna (semi-gemstones or crystals).
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Myths :

Please do not insult the spiritual believes of people by raising topics like making rudraksha mat or mattress. If you believe that rudraksha is holy and has spiritual power then how come someone think of preparing a mattress with that ?

I am of the opinion that it is not fair to use Rudraksha mat or mattress or blanket for sleeping or sitting purpose since we respect rudraksha bead like Lord Shiva himself. We also set rudraksha in our holy altar for worshipping purpose. Please do not insult our holy feelings and rudraksha especially.

Facts :

I think if the beads are used for the right purposes it is fine, mat or whatever. I am of the opinion that Shiva loves the aspirant more than the beads, would the almighty Shiva refuse to help his beloved if they were in need? If we study the scriptures about exalted beings we can see many acts of mercy and kindness. If someone is ill, why should they not use the beads as a mat? The beads are a vehicle for realisation, they are not the realisation itself, nothing wrong with respecting them, but if it ties down your consciousness, and you fail to see the supreme oneness of all things, then we have failed to realise their true purpose.

The Tears of Lord Shiva is meant by the Lord to relieve Mankind of suffering and misery.

Rudraksha contains natural electromagnetic and other healing properties. They are also used in Ayurvedic medicine. If someone is in great pain and suffering due to physical injuries and no chance to get well, they cry to the Lord to help them. Those who have been in accidents that resulted in a choice between life and death, the Lord comes to the rescue. By sitting or lying on rudraksha mats does not mean that a person is insulting Lord Shiva or Lord Rudra.

If the person gets well from doing this, then it shows Lord Shiva has given His Blessings for this person to recover and continue with dharma and seva as well as other unfinished spiritual works in this lifetime. If Lord Shiva felt insulted, do you think He will give blessings for this person to get well? Of course not. Hence, it shows the Lord does not discriminate what way or how a sincere devotee performs their worship. If the Bhakti is in the person who is lying on rudraksha beads due to not being able to move (paralyzed), Lord Shiva knows and hears and then He blesses. Then the person resumes normal life after a healing period from the rudraksha mat or mattress.

A Small Tale to disregard the Myths:

This situation kind of reminds me of the story of Dhanna who saw God incarnate many times and was able to converse with him. One day he asked the lord, is there anyone who loves you more than me? The lord replied there are many who love me more. But be warned if you ask this question both of us will cease to exist. The lord instructed him to go to a place where he would find such a soul. Dhanna went to the place as instructed, but turned away in dismay, when he saw the Sadhu standing with one foot on a stone, and in deep samadhi. Dhanna had used a similar stone as his Guru, and was saddened to see a person with his foot on his 'Guru'. Dhanna replied to the lord, but he is standing upon my Guru how can he be a lover of the Lord? The Lord told Dhanna to go back to the same place and the Sadhu would enable Dhann to see the Lord in all things. He went back and inquired as to why the Sadhu had his foot on the stone. The Sadhu replied 'Dhanna, I behold the lord in all things, the i-am ness within me has vanished, there is no-one else but the Lord left, so who has his foot on who?" This enabled Dhanna to be fully realised and God incarnate himself. I don't think everyone can be like Dhanna, but this is really the goal of life.

If rudraksha are the tears of Shiva and given to mankind out of the Lord's Grace, it would seem that they should be used for the welfare of mankind to heal the pains of the body. All is based on motive. If one's motive is of love and to serve, how can the rudraksha be abused when used in this way?

Related Testimonials
  • And found that they WORKED

    About 18 months ago, I was NOT a believer. I bought a bead, mainly out of curiosity. Also, a Vedic astrologer had warned me about the perils of a Rahu mahadasa that was coming up. I liked the bead's effects, and I bought another. And, another. I started studying the information on the rudraksha-ratna website, and read the post of some of the malamakers on this list. I began to watch the effects that wearing different beads, with different energies had on the quality of my meditations. I began to use recommended combinations for different purposes... and found that they WORKED! One particu close

    - Kari Sprowl
  • Never I smoked again

    Dear Neeta, You like to hear an effect wich i had from 14 muhki beads? I was a sigaret smoker for 38 years, some 50 sigarrets per day. Half year ago i started to wear the 14 muhki. Few weeks later i sat down and thought: "" What the hell is this for an horrable idiot habbit. This night i will again not be able to sleep well. I will be afraid again for cancer, i will be nervous again, i will not digest good enough my food wich makes me tyred."" Never i smoked again. The thoughts i had that day have been effective and practical immediatly. I had no problem (only very very little, while other att close

    - H. Tadema


  • Its of a very good quality

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have received the bead I had asked for today morning. Its of a very good quality. I am also very happy that you have dispatched the bead very quickly. I hope to buy many more beads from you in the future. Thank you! Arunesh Talapatra New Delhi close

    - Arunesh Talapatra
  • I have good peace of mind

    I am also wearing 1 to 14 faces mala since 3 years and no bad effects. I have good peace of mind and balanced life. All glories to lord Shiva Regards, Nilesh close

    - Nilesh
  • A dream come true

    Dear Friends, I had received my Siddha mala from Rudra centre few days back. A dream come true. I was saving money to procure one siddh mala from the last almost a year. I had purchased few beads earlier from the Rudra centre, and I must thank Ms Neeta for utilising the same beads in preparation of my siddh mala. After wearing it I am feeling great, my concentration has inceased, some fear that I had from my competitors, has vanished, I had some stomach ailment (gastric trouble), I am feeling much relieved now. Some of my money was stuck with one of my clients and he was himself was in great f close

    - Rajiv
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