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About Meditation Mats

What is a Meditation Mat?

Meditation Mats have been used since ancient times by Rishis(Sages), Munis, Sadhaks (Worshippers) for seating and meditation. They used natural materials like Kusha/Darbha Grass, Rudraksha Beads and other such organic material to make the best Meditation Mats. It is said that when meditation is done without using a mat, one is not able to reap the benefits of doing the meditation. Now, Meditation has become popular all over the world and Meditation Mats are in demand. There is a wide choice of Meditation Mats available in the market that are made of natural material and synthetic ones. The natural Meditation Mats are always recommended, as it adds to the benefits of meditation, with their intrinsic qualities of healing.

Ideally, the Meditation floor Mat is used exclusively by one person and not supposed to be shared. As with regular meditation, the Mat gets energized and supports your meditation sessions. If the Meditation Asana is shared, the other person's energy interferes in the energy built up so far.

What are the uses of Meditation Mats?

Sitting on the floor directly for meditation may cause discomfort as the folded feet touches the hard floor. This may be distracting while meditating as the attention is drawn to the discomfort rather than focusing on meditation. The Meditation Mat provides a cushion to the body, providing comfort during meditation, especially when you are meditating for a long duration. The Meditation Mats prevent the body from slipping on the bare floor. Modern Meditation Mats are made with anti-skid material for the same purpose. The posture of the body is very important while meditating. The spine should be erect for easy flow of energy in the body. The Meditation Mats provide a base on which you can sit with your spine erect.

Where Can I Buy Meditation Mats at an Affordable Price?

Rudra Centre offers a huge collection of Meditation Mats made of superior quality natural material, which are comfortable for meditation, allows the cushioning to sit with spine erect and provides a soft base for any Yogic posture you sit in. Our Meditation Mats are pretty and easily portable. Some of the Mats come in lovely Cotton Covers, with a sling which you can easily hang from your shoulder to carry. We offer Meditation Mats made of natural Kush/Darbha Grass, powerful Rudraksha Mats and other organic Meditation Mats which are perfect for meditation purposes. Included in our collection are Pooja Asanas/ Puja Asana and Yoga Mats which are made of soft Cotton, Kush/Darba, which are woven in the Cotton thread for softness and comfort while you do your Puja or Yoga practice. You can choose from the variety of Meditation Mat online and Pooja Mats online with us and place your order. Our efficient services will deliver your order to your doorstep within a few days. Our Meditation Mats are of the best quality and available at the most affordable price in the market.

Some Natural Meditation Mats We Offer

Pratigraha- The Vetiver Meditation Mat:- Made of pure and natural Vetiver or Khus Grass, it is easily portable to practice indoor or outdoor. The Vetiver has a cooling effect on the body, reduces body pain, fortifies the nervous system and has a subtle earthy fragrance. All these factors work in your favour when you practice meditation on these Mats.

Rudraksha Mats - Made of natural, genuine Rudraksha beads these mats are multipurpose. Rudraksha beads have immense healing qualities on a physical, mental and emotional level. These mats can be used for meditation or purely for healing yourself. Rudraksha beads are endowed with the power of Lord Shiva, who is Adi Yogi. You may place a soft cotton cloth on the Rudraksha bead Mat and sit for meditation or healing. the presence of the Rudraksha Mat in the room is itself advantageous as it fills up space with its positive, high vibration and enhances focus while meditating, making it a desirable experience. The mat is sought after by healers and spiritual seekers.

Kush/Darbha Grass Meditation Mats - We have a variety of Kush Grass Meditation Mats, which include mats with artistic thread work in bright colours. Kush/Darba is excellent in purifying the mind and body. When your body is in direct touch with the Kush grass of the mats, it has its positive effect. Darbha Grass Mats also prevents energies from getting grounded while you practice intense meditations, Pranayam, Kriyas etc.

Ayurvardhana - The Ayurvedic Cotton Yoga Mat:- This Mat is endowed with the healing qualities of Ayurvedic Herbs. The Cotton material is dyed with the herbs like Turmeric, Triphala, Tulsi, so, when you sit on it to meditate, it provides healing for the respiratory system, elevates your vibrations, acts as an antiseptic and antidepressant, boosts the Brain and brings other healing effects to the body, mind, emotion. There are many other choices of Meditation Mats, Pooja Mats for sitting during puja, soft Cotton Puja Mats set and Yoga Mats for you to choose from.

What are the Benefits of Meditation Mats?

It is advised to sit on the floor and meditate if there is no physical challenge. For those who practice meditation on a regular basis, a Meditation Mat is a must, else sitting for even a few minutes directly on the floor may be very uncomfortable and will draw attention to the discomfort, rather than focussing on the Meditation. This may lead the individual to think, he/she is not being able to meditate. Choose a Meditation Mat that you feel you will be comfortable in.

  • Meditation Mats made of natural material gives the advantage of the material it is made of like, Kush/Darbha Grass purifies the body and mind, so a Darba Grass Meditation Mat also does its work, while one sits on it to meditate
  • Meditation Mats provide ease to the back while sitting for long durations
  • The mats, especially the natural Meditation Mats and Yoga Mats, have a texture that prevents your body from slipping or skidding
  • Meditation Mats aids in sitting with the correct posture for meditating
  • The Mats made of natural material helps with their purifying, cooling and calming qualities which are essential for meditation

Why We Recommend You to Buy Meditation Mats From Rudra Center

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. The collection of Meditation Mats we offer are hand-picked, made of 100% natural material of superior quality, that give maximum healing benefits while meditating. They look appealing with neat Thread work in bright colours and can be easily carried. Our Rudraksha Meditation Mats are popular as they provide many healing benefits when used as Meditation Mats. We have some of the best Meditation Mats for you to choose from and order online. Our efficient team ensures you receive your order, safely packed, within a few days. We provide high quality, Meditation Mats at the most economical price in the market.