Abhishek tray in Brass


INR 3,400


Abhishek tray made in light-weight shining Brass for Abhishekam of deity Idols.

An Abhisheka is a religious bathing ceremony of Deity with sacred water, milk, yogurt, butter milk, honey, clarified butter, sugar, and all kinds of fruit juices. During Abhishekam, Deity is called, seated, greeted, bathed, dressed, fed and praised.

The Deity Idol which may be a Shivalingam or Shreeyantra or Shaligram or statue of Istha God is placed in this tray and liquid collected after bathing is used to sprinkle around the house and also consumed as prasad. A vessel for collecting the liquid is placed below the outlet of liquid on this tray.

Length of Yoni: 9.5 inches
Centre Diameter of Yoni: 5.75 inches
Height of Yoni: 5 inches
Weight: 200 gms