Adi Shiva


INR 79,270


A life size idol of Adi Shiva spiritualizing the ambience with His divine presence.

This huge idol of Lord Shiva can be placed at the entrance, living room or any spiritually purified place. Adi Shiva is the ruler of the Sahasrara Chakra and blesses the devotee with Spiritual enlightenment.

Lord Shiva's right Eye stands for the Sun, the left Eye epitomizes the moon and the Third Eye is the Divine Fire called "Agni" which destroys dark illusions, opening the one to infinite spiritual ecstasy.

This idol depicts the three-eyed Lord Shiva seated in deeper meditation on a tiger skin, with King Cobra around his neck and the all-auspicious Crescent Moon as a spiritual embellishment on His head. Lord Shiva has Rudraksha beads around His neck, arms, upper arms and the tress.

Om Tat Purushaya Vidmahe
Mahadevaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayat

Meaning: "Om. Let me meditate on the great Purusha, Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect, and let God Rudra illuminate my mind.

Made in sturdy C-forex. This material is resistant to water, sunlight and corrosion.

One who worships Adi Shiva attains purification of the mind, body, soul and spiritual upliftment.

Height: 39 inches
Base Dimension: 28 inches (L) x 20 inches (W)
Weight: 17.200 kgs
Packaging Weight: 25 kgs

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