INR 110


Agar is rare and high cost heartwood of evergreen Aquilaria Agallocha tree found in East Himalayas. Also known as Agaru, Agar wood, Eagle wood and Akil kattai, it is highly aromatic.

As medicine: It is used as ingredient in Ayurveda medicines as essential oil to treat asthma, skin diseases like ringworms, ulcers and wounds. The paste of wood is used to treat headache and skin diseases. Powdered form is used as medicine to treat cough, vomiting and low appetite.

As puja item: It is used as stimulant, perfume and also for preparing incensed sticks in puja ritual. The rich aroma helps in deep meditation and concentration.

Quantity - 50 gms
Packet Dimension - 5 x 5 Inches