Aishwarya Laxmi diya in brass


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A beautiful Diya, made of superior quality Brass, is crafted with a brilliantly carved Goddess Aishwarya Laxmi (one of the Ashta Laxmi)image with two Elephants on either side of Her, with their trunks raised up. The Diya(oil lamp) is deep and lights for long duration. The meticulously crafted Goddess Aishwarya Laxmi is set on top of the round end of the Diya. The face of the Goddess has detailed expression, Her two upper arms hold a Lotus each and Her right lower hand is raised in Abhaya Mudra denoting protection and blessings, and Her left lower hand is in the Varada Mudra of giving and fulfilling wishes of devotees. A traditionally designed arch, crafted meticulously, rises from both sides of the benevolent Goddess and finishes on top of Her, looks outstanding. When lit, it illuminates the enchanting Goddess’s image and enhances the divinity of the atmosphere.

Goddess Aishwarya Laxmi is the form of Laxmi who showers opulence, prosperity, wealth, luxuries, riches, happiness and bliss. The two Elephants sprinkle water on Her to bathe Her, as a symbol of luxury.

Lighting Diya(oil lamp) is part of Hindu puja rituals and tradition. It is believed to eliminate negative energies from the space and the flame symbolizes illumination of the mind, removal of the darkness of ignorance. The Diya is used to perform Aarti of the Deities. It can be kept in the Puja Alter at home/office/ shop and is also apt for festivals, auspicious occasions and special puja rituals.

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