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Auspicious Ganesh Hanging


INR 6,950


Artistic wooden frame stand holding 8 mukhi Rudraksha bead from Nepal capped in silver with Tiger cowrie and yellow citrine beads and bell at bottom strung in red cotton. The 8 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha, the Deity of Knowledge, wisdom, intellect and success. The hanging is to be kept at home, office and study table or work desk to remove obstacles and negativity and to attract bliss, joy and cheerfulness.

Bead size: 22mm (Rudraksha) x 1 (Tiger Cowry) x 8mm (Faceted Citrine)
No. of beads: 1 (Rudraksha) x 30mm (Tiger Cowry) x 2 (Faceted Citrine)
Height of stand: 6.5 inches
Width of stand: 4.5 inches